The Referee Was Remorseful

Jul 10, 2019

BTB Lax coach Jesse Miller

Hey there,

Jacksonville was up 10 in last year’s AFC Championship game when Myles Jack forced a fumble and was about to run for a touchdown.

That would have put them up 17…

...but the referee blew the play dead.

Bad call.  

The league office responded that the referee was “remorseful”.

New England came back to win and advance to the Super Bowl.

Tom Coughlin wasn’t (and still isn’t) happy about it.


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A Little Is Better Than Nothing

May 23, 2019

Hey there,

Some people weren’t too happy about my Monday email diggin’ up the Myles Jack play.

To be clear, I’m a Patriots fan.

That Sports Illustrated article talked about Tom Coughlin’s displeasure with the play being called dead…

...and how if the whistle weren’t blown then Jacksonville would have been up 17 points with just over 10 minutes to play in 4th Qtr.

Jacksonville still got the ball.

New England ...

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Moving the Margins in YOUR Favor

May 22, 2019

BTB Lax coach Jesse Miller

Hey there,

I haven’t watched much of the U.S. Open.

I recently dropped cable…

...and am transitioning to Apple TV.

I have an older model in my bedroom… and am debating to add a 2nd for my other room.

I get ESPN.

But I experience friction signing on…

So need to groove the process more, then I’ll resume watching live sports at home.

I still read lots of sports stuff.

And I recently discovered an AWESOME article about Jon Isner.


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20 to a 7.6

May 14, 2019

BTB Lax coach Jesse Miller

Hey there,

Most of the time I’m providing examples of scenarios that correlate to lacrosse… help you improve faster.

Earlier this week I talked a lot about Tom Coughlin and his ‘preparation mindset’.

Today I’m shifting gears (just a tad)...

...and gonna tell you a little about myself.

Today is the first day of our Belle Haven Club Championship… for golf.

(Golf is my favorite sport.  Here's Hole #10 behind me...)


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Beating Middlebury

Apr 17, 2019

BTB Lax coach Jesse Miller

Hey there,

The guy I was supposed to play yesterday in Round 1 didn’t show up.

So I won that match by forfeit..

We were able to play my 2nd Round match yesterday instead because that opponent had a bye.

I lost… pretty badly (6 in 4 if you know what that means).

This is what really bugs me...

I was 2 down going into the 7th hole (after having won the 6th hole).

And I had an approach shot of 87 yards… a shot that NEEDS to go on the...

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The Satisfaction of a Completed Lift

Apr 09, 2019

BTB Lax coach Jesse Miller

Hey there,

I’m not sure why it is, but for the past 9 months I’ve been REALLY motivated to lift.

My goal isn’t to set any PR’s (personal records)...

...instead it’s to get cut and have a really strong core for my tennis and golf games.

Every body part you work will involve core work.

And this certainly holds true when you train legs...

This is today’s leg workout (it’s probably gonna take me 2 days cuz of time...

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LaxPower and a 'Forum Void'

Mar 20, 2019

Hey there,

I was watching the first half of Jets/Browns game with Coach King and his wife last night.

(Coach King is a big Jets fan.  I also coach with him at Gonzaga.  He’s a BIG lacrosse junkie.  He played college ball at Lehigh)

I didn’t watch the second half, but the Jets must have played horrible… or maybe Baker Mayfield provided that MUCH needed bump…

Whatever it was, not good if you’re a Jets fan.

Good if...

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Tom Brady and the Art of Repetition

Feb 05, 2019

BTB Lax coach Jesse Miller

Hey there,

I grew up in Falmouth, Massachusetts…

I was never a huge Boston sports fan, but it’s hard to ignore how successful the teams have been…

Heck, it’s almost been 20 years.  

Hard to believe.

Over time, I couldn’t help but follow the teams more and more.

All my best friends from high school and college are HUGE Boston fans, and I constantly talk to them about the Patriots and Red Sox.

I love going home over the summer and having the Sox game...

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The Inner Game of Lacrosse

Jan 31, 2019

BTB Lax coach Jesse Miller


These days I play “Master’s Lacrosse”... that’s for guys over 35.

Started playin’ a couple years ago (I’m about to turn 37…)

Bottom Line:  Stop playin’ and you’ll lose everything - I couldn’t let that happen.

I still coach and always have a stick in my hand constantly, but it’s just not the same as playin’.

(Heck, they have this big tourney down in South Florida every year for guys over 50!  I...

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Paul Fabritz and the Vertical Jump

Jan 23, 2019

BTB Lax coach Jesse Miller

This is gonna be a multi-part series cuz there’s so much good stuff to talk about…

Bottom line:  The higher you can jump, the more athletic you are.

And if you increase your vertical jump, you’ll become a better lacrosse player.

You’ll be able to hit a golf ball further (which I care about…)

You’ll be able to hammer a forehand in tennis harder (which I also care about…)

Paul Fabritz is a young guy…

Fabritz's Aha Moment...

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