You Can Hit Around the Net??

Sep 03, 2018

BTB Lax coach Jesse Miller

Five years ago I started playin’ LOTS of tennis.

In fact, I had a doubles match this morning...

I played with Matt Breslin (former Duke All American goalie).  We’re preppin’ for our club doubles tournament on Oct 5th.

Matt’s a better tennis player than me... I’m improving tho.

But, we both LOVE the sport and work hard at it.

And if you’ve been reading my content, then you know I like to have a plan.

...I also have "mini-goals".

The "mini-goal" for Oct 5th is to give myself the BEST chance to compete.

Now the plan...

To give myself the best chance, I NEED to play tennis a min of 3x per week.

Specifically, this is how I will break it down each week:

  • Play one doubles match with Bres each week (played this week's match earlier today baby!)
  • Get my toss organized (this is gonna take LOTS of reps)
  • Film a match to talk strategy with Steve (my tennis coach)
  • Play Billy Glading (he’s Danny’s brother… Danny is one of our stars in the BTB Players Manual.  Billy crushes my soul every time.)
  • Hit/Play with someone else

If I do ALL those things the next 5 weeks, then I’ll be as prepared as I possibly can. 

AND that will make me a better teammate for Bres.

Keepin’ stuff simple with SPECIFIC action items.

Do it every week.

The EXACT same approach I recommend for you to improve at lacrosse.

And the BTB Players Manual is what I developed to GUIDE you.

One more thing to discuss on this Labor Day Monday (by the way I set up a coupon code - "LABORDAY2018" - for you today only.  Gets you $30 off baby!)

Roger Federer.

He played Nick Kyrgios on Saturday in the U.S. Open…

And there was one play where Roger literally hit the ball it around net.

You can do that??


But I find this MORE impressive...

Look at this ridiculous effort to EVEN get to the ball.

Link:  Watch This Effort

I have a buddy, Mark...

Mark’s a competitive dude.  

And back in the day, he played TONS of squash.

Mark gave me some tennis advice…


I don’t do that enough.

I need to.

Billy does.

Federer obviously does...

That’s the stuff that demoralizes opponents.

Kyrgios basically applauded Roger mid-match.

As a lacrosse playerI suggest getting to every ball.

One catch... you gotta be in shape to have a chance.

The BTB Players Manual will get you there.  

Pick up your copy here.

Talk soon,

Coach Miller

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