Coach Berkman's Favorite Books

Nov 17, 2018

BTB Lax coach Jesse Miller

Coach Berkman has over 500 wins…

… and less than 60 loses.

He’s won 12 National Titles.  (I've mentioned this before.)

Salisbury is a POWERHOUSE.  No question about that.

And what does Coach Berkman consistently talk about??

Having A Plan.

Whether it be in skill development.

… getting recruited

… or his personal development as a college coach.

He was recently asked how he stays motivated after all those wins.

The answer…

Two fold.

First, he wakes early and reads… mostly books on leadership.

Here’s some of his favorites.

(I haven’t read any of these yet, but will tackle one soon.)

Reading keeps Berkman motivated to learn MORE.

It’s a continuous cycle… day after day.

Second, he LONGS  to get on the practice field.  

...where he works his guys to make them the best players possible.

I never wanted to coach college full-time, but I can relate with Berkman in many ways.

I have a plan for pretty much everything I do.

Work. Lifts. Conditioning. Golf. Tennis.  

It works.  

(As long as it’s detailed and well thought out.)

... and I HIGHLY suggest you follow Berkman’s advice and develop a plan for your lacrosse development.

… whether you’re a youth or high school player.

...or even a coach.

And BTB Players Manual will guide you.

As Berkman says, “Going out and playin’ a little wall ball isn’t gonna cut it.”

But if you follow the Stick Magician workouts in the BTB Players Manual, you’ll be on the right path.  

Shooting five shots in a weekend tournament isn’t gonna cut it...

But if you follow the Grip It & Rip It video in the BTB Players Manual, you’ll be on the right path.

You can see where I’m going here.

The BTB Players Manual is your lacrosse development plan.

Here’s the link to pick up your copy.

Have a great weekend!