The Five Exercises To Become A Better Athlete that Most Never Heard Of

Jan 18, 2021

BTB Lax coach Jesse Miller

Since February-2020, I’ve been following the Knees Over Toes vertical jump program.

Ben Patrick is the head coach. 

It’s intense and incorporates lots of weight training with jumping sessions.

I’m making solid gains.

Each week, I try to lift six times (some days I lift twice.)

Depending on my current program, four lifts are from the jumping program.  The other lifts incorporate more supplemental stuff like upper body and core.

Ben programs lots of...

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At 29 I Learned How to Eat... I Wish I Knew Sooner

Jan 12, 2021

BTB Lax coach Jesse Miller

My diet was very poor when I played college lacrosse.

I didn't know how to eat.

That’s a fact.

(I played at Tufts from 2000 to 2004.)

It wasn’t until 2010 when I really started my "diet" education.  I was 29.

At Tufts, my typical dining hall meal would look like this:

I’d make a salad and load it with croutons and creamy dressing.

Probably snag a slice of pizza... 

I'd crush what was on the hot grill (meat, mac & chz, and fries maybe.)

And then I'd eat cereal...

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If You Only Read One Lacrosse (and Life) Book in 2021, Read This

Jan 04, 2021

BTB Lax coach Jesse Miller

I play tennis with my bud, Billy.  

He’s a great athlete and played lacrosse and hoops at the University of Virgina back in the early 2000’s.

Coach Starsia was his lacrosse coach.

I met Starsia at Billy’s wedding.  

Starsia wrote a book called, “I Hope You Will Be Happy”.

(Writing is actually in the Starsia family as his brother-in-law is Peter Lasagna.  Peter writes the back page column in Inside Lacrosse.  He’s also the...

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The Power of Mindset Allowed Tom Brady to a Become a Man

Apr 19, 2020

BTB Lax coach Jesse Miller

Tom Brady talked to Howard Stern for over two hours last week.

I’m have a SiriusXM account so dove right in during my home workouts.

Brady's the man… and here’s why.

If you’re a regular reader, then you know I’m big on process… big on having a plan… big on having self discipline to do consistent work.

The first half of the interview was pure gold if you’re into that.

Stern and Brady have similar stories.

Howard talked about how he was a...

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4 Gems From Joe Rogan's Interview with Fight Club Author

Apr 09, 2020

BTB Lax coach Jesse Miller


Hey there,

In normal life I read lots of news.

Definitely heavy on sports.

(That’s been non-existent for a month now.)

So I’ve shifted my habits.

I saw that Chuck Palahniuk just released a new book.

I didn’t know who he was, so did some research.

He’s the author of Fight Club and Invisible Monsters.

His new book is called Adjustment Day.

(It takes place in the near future and is about a corrupt senator doing some crazy stuff...)

Anyway, I saw that he was on Joe...

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I Am Reclaiming the Power to Do Something

Apr 04, 2020

BTB Lax coach Jesse Miller

Hey there,

I'm tyrin' to make the best circumstance of what we’re faced with…

If it were normal times, we'd be in Miami with the Gonzaga team on spring break (about half way through our season.)

Instead, I’m in California stayin’ at Curt's house.

(I'm teleworkin' with my full-time engineering job....)

Anyway, he’s got a home gym and lots of outdoor space.  

Back in mid-March I had a sense this might go on for a while, so I scrambled to develop my...

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My Quest to Dunk

Mar 21, 2020

Hey there,

I’ve talked about dunking before…

...and I want to discuss it some more.

Tyler told me about this podcast called Jacked Athlete.  

The host interviewed Ben Patrick (a.k.a. Knees Over Toes guy.)

(Tyler runs Power Train in Rockville. In normal times, I work there as a part-time trainer.)

I listened to the podcast... had a recap w/ Tyler.   

We concluded that Ben's workouts were solid.


I signed up for the monthly subscription.


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Convincing Your Players to Love the Moment

Mar 01, 2020

BTB Lax coach Jesse Miller

I met Coach Starsia at Billy Glading’s wedding several years ago…

As you might guess, we started talkin’ lacrosse…

That guy LOVES the game!

Anyway, Coach offered to come visit Gonzaga to spend time with our team.

We jumped all over it, and now it’s a regular event.

This was several years ago... (right after he retired from a 42 year college coaching career.)

He started writing a lot.

His stuff is pure gold...

… and the good news is that he just...

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The 🔥 Burns for the Absolutely Obsessed

Feb 26, 2020

BTB Lax coach Jesse Miller

Hey there,

Five days are in the books of the 2020 Gonzaga lacrosse season.

We’ve had 5 practices.  2 film sessions. 1 staff workout (at 6:30 AM).... And several coaches meetings.    

95% of cuts have been made.

Our first scrimmage is later today against St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes (it’s one school with a joint name)...

Opening game is Saturday, March 7 against McDonogh.  In the preseason Inside Lacrosse poll, we’re 11th in the country and...

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Scrimmages Over

Feb 21, 2020

BTB Lax coach Jesse Miller

Hey there,

Our season started on February 20th.

February is already in the past…

Poof.  Gone.

It’s now March.

Our 3 scrimmages are complete.  

The final one was yesterday at Calvert Hall.

Calvert Hall moves the ball lightning fast… and they had several multi-goal runs.

We experienced our first case of adversity… (as a team and a coaching staff.)

It’s hard to find the right coaching words when nothing seems to be going...

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