Getting In Work (When Most Others Don't)

May 25, 2021

BTB Lax coach Jesse Miller

Going on vacation should never be an excuse to skip workouts.

(I understand that a vacation could coincide with a lifting off week, but even then, you can still run and do stick work...)

It’s easy to justify skipping workouts on vacation.

It can be a hassle to find a gym.

Maybe your vacation itinerary is super busy...


Those are just excuses.

Let's me tackle the “finding a gym on vacation” topic...

It’s an adventure, and you should have fun with it. 

The internet makes it very simple. 

Search for gym in your vacation spot before you leave. 

Call them to get the information of hours and guest pass rates... 

Easy stuff.

Walking in a new gym can be intimidating at first, but that feeling fades.

The benefits heavily outweigh everything.

Observe what other people are doing and sayin'... this is an easy way to pick up training tips.

Try out new equipment you’ve never seen.

Again, have fun with it.

Over the years, I found some great gyms.

I discovered Iron Cross in Myrtle Beach.  (I was on a golf trip there, but would get up early and hit it up.)

There were absolute monsters who lifted there.  It’s always humbling to be around people who are ridiculously strong...

I lifted at Old School Iron in Cleveland.  That gym was massive and it was filled with hard core lifters.

Here’s a picture...

They had an entire row of these set-ups… there for dudes who squat over 500 lbs.

Heavy metal was blasting and weight was being thrown around.

I love Miami Strong in Florida.  (My buddy owns it…)

They have awesome trainers, and I lifted with them.

I can’t wait to get back down there.

What if I have a busy vacation itinerary??

There's an easy solution here...

Get up earlier.

That might require going to bed earlier.

No problem.

Getting in the gym on vacation gives you a win for each day.

Get something in even for just 30 minutes.

By accomplishing something, you'll enjoy other experiences even more.

The other great part is when you return home you won't be too far behind on your workouts.

Keep me posted and get after it.