Battling the Vexing Demons Within

Aug 28, 2018

BTB Lax coach Jesse Miller

Simona Halep was the #1 seed for the women’s tennis U.S. Open.

She played her first round match yesterday against Kaia Kanepi (the 44th ranked player in the world).

Halep lost… becoming the first No. 1 women’s seed to lose in first round.

She slammed her racket a couple times...

But Halep didn’t blame fatigue or crowd noise for the defeat…

... instead she mentioned it was more the voices in her head.

And those “negative voices” resulted in a cloud of nerves.

It’s a constant struggle for Halep to keep those voices as bay.

Playing any sport with TONS of nerves prohibits any athlete from achieving the “flow state”…

Flow state” referring to when an athlete can rely on their practice and preparation to take over, and they JUST play the game… as opposed to being obsessed with details of technique or some negative thought.  

Athletes make mistakes in every game.  

The best athletes are able to contain those mistakes… and not let them spiral out of control.

As I mentioned earlier, Halep is the #1 ranked women’s player…

She’s not going anywhere.

BUT this is a big learning experience for her… and her coach will NEED to get her back on track QUICKLY.

Get her organized again… (essentially just getting back to work.)

As a lacrosse player, there will be times when you MESS up… and allow nerves to take control.

Recognize that.  

Just go out and make a simple play to EASE those nerves.

The problem I would have is if you’re not PREPARED before the game even starts.

And being prepared requires MORE than just going to practice.

Take Paul Rabil… he’s got TONS of YouTube vids showing what his workouts look like.  He crushes it constantly…

So don’t you think you SHOULD as well??

And if you decide to, I GUARANTEE you’ll start to feel great.  

It’s addicting.  


Seeing the results.

Scotty Urick took this EXACT approach.  

And he developed himself into an excellent shooter.

In fact, I put together Lax Shooting Mastery with him to show you his process.

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So you really have nothing to lose.

Oh yeah... one more thing...

The best coaches constantly reinforce concepts for their athletes.  Part of the reason why people have personal trainers is to act as a support system. Typically there isn’t anything groundbreaking in any given session.

I have a golf coach.  I try to meet him every week. And there is always something that is reinforced that I can look at in a NEW way... something that I can incorporate based on the practice I've been doing.

I have online lacrosse products and put out free YouTube videos.  I've been around the game a long time.  Played at Tufts.  Coached at Tufts and Georgetown... and now I coach at Gonzaga in Washington D.C.

I'm around top coaches ALL THE TIME.  And I love it!  

And going forward I’m going to WRITE MORE articles that reinforce some concepts that I BELIEVE to be very important.

Stuff you can use to keep yourself motivated… so that you can start to realize your full potential.

Stay tuned...