1,184 Players Will Be Cut by 4 PM Today

Sep 01, 2018

BTB Lax coach Jesse Miller

By 4 PM today, every NFL team needs to make cuts.

So every roster will be trimmed from 90 to 53 players.

Multiple that out across the 32 teams and that’s 1,184 cuts

I LOVE the HBO show Hard Knocks

...been watching it for 13 years now (every season it’s been on).

The final episode of this season (with the Cleveland Browns) will be Tuesday.  

... so we’ll see all the cuts take place (for only that team obvi)...  

It's tough making cuts.

The players who DO get cut all work their TAILS off.  There's just SO much talent at that level. The elite of the elite baby...

I love watching Hard Knocks to see 2 things

The workouts.

The coaching styles (I LOVE studying those guys coach.  Every year - no matter the team.)

...and there’s another guy who LOVES studying other coaches as well.

There was a BIG article about him in this week’s Sports Illustrated.

It’s Sean McVay… head coach of the LA Rams… and the youngest coach in the league at 32 years old.

I’ve mentioned him before...

...and I have a connection with him (although he doesn’t know it).

 Two of my fraternity brothers from Tufts are on the Rams coaching staff…

 Andy Dickerson and Shane Waldron.

I was talking to Andy about McVay back in July.

The guy is a machine....

...he gets to work by 5 am AT THE LATEST.

 Check that, he’s there before that.

He STARTS his circuit workout with Rams strength coach, Ted Rath, at 5 A.M.

I guess there’s a big sign in the Rams weight room that reads “EMBRACE THE SUCK”.

I love that.

One of McVay’s biggest strengths is cultivating relationships with his players.

I’m tryin’ to do that same thing with YOU… though a bit differently cuz it through email and video stuff.

(But I'm always happy to talk over phone.)

 So hopefully you’re startin’ to get a feel for the type of person I am.

 My style of coaching.

 The way I motivate

 ...and you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t relate with me on some level.


 ...if you want to EMBRACE THE SUCK…

 Then let the BTB Players Manual show you the way.

I guarantee that by following a PROVEN method… you’ll improve at lacrosse much much faster.

Here’s your link.

(...for those that don’t already have it.)

Anyway, much more on other coaches to come....

Have a great Labor Day weekend!

Talk soon,

Coach Miller

P.S.  You’re fastest way to EMBRACE THE SUCK is to be pick up a copy of the BTB Players Manual.

Link here.