Shifting Laziness to Spur Motivation

May 11, 2021

BTB Lax coach Jesse Miller

I’ve been reading about people’s ability to focus on their single most important task.

I finished Jobs by Walter Issacson.

Jobs had a powerful ability to eliminate the noise and focus on his most important task.

I've also been reading Quanta Magazine.  It’s heavy into computer science, math, physics and biology.  

(A lot of the articles are over my head...)

Quanta had an article about Alan Turing.  Turing was an influential engineer (among other...

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The #1 Hack for Athletic Competition

May 04, 2021

BTB Lax coach Jesse Miller

I'm sticking with the theme of how playing multiple sports is VITAL to becoming a better lacrosse player.

I recently discovered the importance of a proper warm-up.

Here’s the backstory…

A tennis buddy told me to read Brad Gilbert’s, “Winning Ugly”.

I took his advice.

It’s all about effective strategies to win tennis matches.

Brad is a former tennis professional, but the book is for amateurs.

Today, I'm gonna focus on one topic inside the book...


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Stayin' Loose to Generate More Power

Apr 27, 2021

BTB Lax coach Jesse Miller

An advantage of playing multiple sports is discovering how sensations can be "cross-applied".   

Let me explain...

Currently, golf and tennis are my favorite sports to play.

I try to do both a lot.

Here’s a secret...

The most effective golf and tennis is played when the body is loose. 

The goal is to eliminate tension.

Tension kills swing speed.

When athletes become obsessed with mechanical execution, this causes the body to tense up.

Zach — my bud and one of my...

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SkyCoach — In Game Instant Replay to Gain an Edge

Apr 19, 2021

BTB Lax coach Jesse Miller

A couple years ago, college lacrosse coaches started carrying iPads on the sideline.

Some teams were using technology to provide in-game replay.

Coaches could “play back” what just happened seconds ago... and use that information to help make decisions.

Around that time, I got an email from Krossover (now combined with Hudl) saying that they partnered with SkyCoach.

(Remember, we use Krossover to host all of our Gonzaga film.)  

I did some research and talked to ...

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Focused Film Study

Apr 13, 2021

BTB Lax coach Jesse Miller

Building your Lacrosse IQ is an important bucket to become a better lacrosse player or coach.

This is accomplished by listening to people who know the game, watching games, attending clinics, reading about lacrosse… stuff like that.

Another way to build your Lacrosse IQ is what I call “Focused Film Study”.  

Focused Film Study is its own animal.

(I plan to write a series of articles related to focused film study, and in the process… watch more film...

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Becoming a Dominate Defenseman

Apr 06, 2021

BTB Lax coach Jesse Miller

It’s hard being a defenseman

Mostly, cuz it's boring practicing on your own.

Unlike an offensive player… you can’t just roll out a bag of balls and start rippin’ shots.

The best lacrosse defenders have a full set of skills.

This includes...

Solid stick skills to 1.) throw & catch and 2.) get the ball off the ground.

Good mobility and quickness to keep offensive players in check.

Acute Lacrosse IQ to execute team defensive strategies

Good conditioning & ...

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The One Thing Every Lax Player Can Do For (Almost) Instant Improvement

Mar 30, 2021

BTB Lax coach Jesse Miller

Coach Starsia emphasizes that all lacrosse players need to be great passers. 

He wouldn’t recruit players that couldn’t pass exceptionally well.

Not every basketball player can play center.

Not every football player can play nose guard.

Lacrosse is special…


Because any player can become a great passer.

It simply requires dedication to your stickwork.

The dedication part is the most difficult...

Most lacrosse players want to eat junk food and play video...

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Building Mental Toughness by Playing Multiple Sports

Mar 23, 2021

BTB Lax coach Jesse Miller

In 2019 I went to the Tufts lacrosse Alumni Game.

The game was on a Saturday, but I went up early to golf with my buddy, Mal.

(Mal lives south of Boston… the town next door to my other buddy, Chris.)  

Chris loves to workout.

(Whenever I travel, I make sure to organize my workouts.  It’s a must to get 'em in!) 

Chris had a great itinerary for us...

He picked me up and took me to his boxing gym.

I went twice.  

(Rich was the instructor. ...

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Time-Block Your Training

Mar 16, 2021

BTB Lax coach Jesse Miller

Cal Newport is a big fan of time-blocking.

It’s a strategy for organizing your time to be exponentially more productive.  

It’s different from a traditional “to-do list” because it encourages more focused work.

Oftentimes with “to-do lists”, tasks get jumbled and this can lead to what Cal calls “attention residue.”

Attention residue is a metaphorical layer of dust that coats your “focus muscles.”  This is a BIG...

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The Power of the Mind

Mar 09, 2021

BTB Lax coach Jesse Miller

Arnold’s autobiography is over 1,000 pages.

If you miss it, I'll summarize some parts for ya... 

Arnold’s best friend (and training partner) was Franco Columbo.

Arnold says that Franco was pound-for-pound the strongest person he ever met.

Here’s an excerpt from the book...

One afternoon years later we were taking turns doing squats at Gold’s Gym in California. I did six reps with 500 pounds. Even though Franco was stronger than me in the squat, he did...

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