A South Bend Defensive Stand Off

Mar 14, 2017

BTB Lacrosse coach Jesse Miller

In a game with high powered offenses, this one was a defensive battle from the get-go.

I’ve talked about Maryland’s strong strength of schedule….

Well, Notre Dame’s schedule is even tougher.

These two teams will play anybody.  I love that.

Each team showcases their respective stars, and both teams are loaded with talent. 

For Maryland, there’s Matt Rambo, Colin Heacock, Dylan Maltz, and Jared Bernhardt (freshman).

For Notre Dame,...

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When Mother Nature Intervenes

Mar 06, 2017

Let me tell you something to start this thing off... Maryland plays a tough, no joke schedule.  Their non-league games include Navy, Notre Dame, Albany, Villanova, and Yale.

Gets them ready for tournament play.  Kinda like Coach Izzo does with Michigan State hoop every year.

The Yale game has become an instant classic pretty much every year. 

Yale’s victory over Maryland in 2016 helped propel them to the #1 national ranking for a couple weeks. 

Andy Shay...

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A Game of Runs - How Syracuse Took Down Albany

Feb 24, 2017

My new routine of breaking down a game each week is becoming a good time. 

Back when I was coaching in college, I’d watch opposing teams play for the sole purpose of creating a scouting report.  Now I can watch the game with an expanded view… looking beyond the narrow scope of opposing player tendencies and overall game planning.  

Something struck me while looking at each team’s roster…  Syracuse has 23 players that have...

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Air Force Over Duke - Two Times In a Year

Feb 18, 2017

Opening the season against Duke and Denver is no joke.

But all head coaches have their own philosophies on scheduling non-league opponents.

It’s obvious Coach Seremet,  Air Force head coach, is prepping his team to win back-to-back Southern Conference titles.

Coach Seremet has led Air Force for the last nine years.

Last year, Air Force started the season 0-2, and then rattled off 15 straight before dropping their opening round game in the NCAA tournament.

Back on...

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Mental Toughness is Taking it A Single Play At a Time

Feb 11, 2017

Mental Toughness front and center...

The 2017 college lacrosse season has begun.

Some teams have already played two games (Duke being an example), while others haven’t even started yet (like Tufts and the other NESCAC schools).

That’s an interesting point actually… The NESCAC and Ivy League schools aren’t allowed to practice as much as their respective counterparts.

Tufts first practice isn’t until next Wednesday (it’s always February 15th).


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Signing Day - Something to Savior

Feb 04, 2017

And the Beginning of Another Journey...

Football college Division I signing day was this past week. The media coverage is a little over the top… (then again, everything is in today’s media world).

Lacrosse Division I signing day was actually back in November...

But it got me thinking… (so much that I had to write some stuff.)

Gonzaga College High School (where I’ve been coaching the past five years) is located right in heart of Washington D.C.

We have a...

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The Last Guy on the Depth Chart...

Jan 27, 2017

Just Cuz You May Start There Doesn't Mean You Have to Stay There...

Every new season brings renewed optimism about the goals you want to meet both as a team and individually.

Hopefully you got some in mind.

Remember, you need to make the team first (that was always my first goal… even going in to my senior year at Tufts.)

I liked that goal as it kept me grounded. Nothing is gonna be given to you.

After that, you pursue the other goals…

By putting in the work…...

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If It Goes In, Does It Matter How it Looks?

Jan 20, 2017

If You Think So, You Couldn't Be More Wrong...

So, I stopped by Georgetown Prep the other day to catch up with Scott Urick.

(He was hired this past summer to be their head lacrosse coach.)

Georgetown Prep has a perenial nationally ranked high school lacrosse program.

College lacrosse team rosters are flooded with Georgetown Prep alumni.  

Anway, Scotty and I coached together at Georgetown for six years.  We became fast friends and have been close ever since.

The purpose...

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So Called "Experts" Say You Need to Play Lacrosse All Year Round (and nothing else)... Well, You Actually Don't

Jan 10, 2017

There's a Minority of BIG Time Coaches Who Disagree

Nowadays everything is so URGENT.

"Sign up for tryouts today so that you'll have your best shot to make the fall travel team."

I see it all the time.

C'mon, the fall travel team... really??

What if you're playing a fall sport... like football or soccer?

Parents feel the pressure, and they often fall victim to it.

These same parents go on to sign their kids up for every try-out so these "potential" opportunities aren't lost.


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All the Posts Since the Beginning of Time

Dec 31, 2016

BTB Lax coach Jesse Miller

This blog is increasing in size, so wanted to make it easier to see a complete list of articles.

So for people who like to see everything on one quick-scrolling screen.  The ALL POSTS LIST!!

Posts are listed with the newest at the top, and you go back in history as you scroll down.  Enjoy!


July 2021

June 2021

May 2021

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