4 Gems From Joe Rogan's Interview with Fight Club Author

Apr 09, 2020

BTB Lax coach Jesse Miller


Hey there,

In normal life I read lots of news.

Definitely heavy on sports.

(That’s been non-existent for a month now.)

So I’ve shifted my habits.

I saw that Chuck Palahniuk just released a new book.

I didn’t know who he was, so did some research.

He’s the author of Fight Club and Invisible Monsters.

His new book is called Adjustment Day.

(It takes place in the near future and is about a corrupt senator doing some crazy stuff...)

Anyway, I saw that he was on Joe Rogan’s show back in 2018.

I had it on yesterday during my lift.

It was enlightening to listen to something not 100% focused on the Coronavirus.

. . .

It’s kinda fitting cuz Chuck talked about how he gets a lot of his ideas from the gym.

In between sets he’ll talk to his friends about a plot.

They’ll provide a fresh perspective…

Then he’ll do a set and think deeper about it all.

He repeats this again and again.

Side Note:

I can relate with this in a way (depending on the gym I’m lifting at…)

At Power Train (where I work) I talk to people the most.  That’s 100% my favorite place to lift.

At Gonzaga I talk to people around 50% of the time

At my golf club I sporadically talk to folks… really just depends if I know anyone there.

At Gold’s, people hardly talk cuz they all have headphones in…

Anyway, Chuck likes developing thoughts through exercise cuz it gets oxygen flowing through his body.

It becomes a stimulant for his mind.

Chuck develops some dark ideas.

In fact, one of his goals is to always piss off his beta audience.

His books are actually banned in a lot of prisons (states like Texas for example.)

. . .

Here are my FOUR favorite parts of the Rogan interview…


Throughout his life, Chuck has worked to create openings for people to tell hard stories.

He does this by really listening to people.

He’s got a touch that puts people at ease so they can express their feelings.

This helps those very people resolve internal issues.

 The best coaches have an ability to do this.


Chuck always carries around a universal notebook.

He writes all kind of stuff down.

It helps him get organized.

It helps him generate ideas.


Rogan talked about how he now highly encourages his guests to wear headsets for his interviews.

It wasn’t always that way…

But he realized that it really locks his guest in to the moment.

Everyone is the same volume so you can’t talk above anyone.

No phones.

No distractions.


They both talked about how many successful people lose their hunger over time.

Rogan sees it all the time with older comedians.

Many successful people have earned a safety net.

...so they no longer push as hard.

Consequently, their work suffers.

Chuck talked about how big name writers have a booked schedule.

So they lack the “free” time they once enjoyed as a strugglin' writer.

This limits many established writers from generating quality ideas.

Both Chuck and Rogan talked about the importance of a process.  

It builds upon itself.

Over time, it generates results.

But here’s the thing…

I think it’s easier to STOP.

Before you know it, months have passed and you can feel like a failure.

All motivation halts.

I've always said it's easier to stay in shape then to get in shape.

That’s why it’s EXTREMELY important to do something in relation to the process.


Especially during these times.

Just do something related to your process.

It’ll help you feel better.