I Am Reclaiming the Power to Do Something

Apr 04, 2020

BTB Lax coach Jesse Miller

Hey there,

I'm tyrin' to make the best circumstance of what we’re faced with…

If it were normal times, we'd be in Miami with the Gonzaga team on spring break (about half way through our season.)

Instead, I’m in California stayin’ at Curt's house.

(I'm teleworkin' with my full-time engineering job....)

Anyway, he’s got a home gym and lots of outdoor space.  

Back in mid-March I had a sense this might go on for a while, so I scrambled to develop my plan.

I flew out before the D.C. gyms closed.

People talk about mediation and living in the moment.  I’m a believer and think there are MANY different forms.

Arnold talks about how he meditates thru lifting… how he really focuses on the muscle he’s tryin’ to hit with each repetition.  

That really stuck with me.

Lifting, running, and stretching (with yoga) are all things that help keep my mind balanced.  

It’s really important during normal life.

Even more vital during these times…

The first week of lockdown was VERY challenging.  (I suspect it was for most people… probably still is.)

It took a lot of self-reflection to accept the situation and come up with a plan.

Big picture -- I’m very  lucky to have avoided the virus thus far.

I remind myself of that.

But being on lockdown messes with your mental state.  

. . .

So I had to develop a plan for both my physical and mental sanity.

It was time to reclaim the power to do something.

For my physical state, I’ve been treating these weeks like an extended personal training camp.

I haven’t missed a workout from my Vertical Jump program (remember, I’m on a quest to dunk.)

I’ve been runnin a lot. 

There’s a 22 minute loop around the house with some BIG hills.  

So been hittin’ that regularly (probably 5 times per week.)

Once a week I’ll go on a long run (takes about an hour... I’m about to do that now.)

I hit the stairs occasionally as well… (Coach O’Neil at Gonzaga loves hitting the stairs as a warm-up before lifts.)

I supplement my Vertical Jump program with additional lifts.  

Lots of olympic lifts like cleans, hang cleans, and snatches…

(We set up a spot to do this outside.)

I get in dedicated days for core and arms baby! (Tyler back at PowerTrain will be proud!)

I get some yoga and stretching in at least 5 times a week.

I follow this yoga channel on YouTube.

I take my time each day so most workouts take 2+ hours once everything is complete.

Why not, right?  

Here’s the thing tho… 

I popped on the scale after week one of lockdown.

BOOM!  A bigger number.

Usually I weigh 181ish.

It read 189.

. . .

That slapped me in the face… HARD!!

I realized that out here I’m still not as active as normal life.

Back in DC, I get to my engineering job on my bike.

I play lots of tennis.

Plus I’m on my feet a ton at my bartending job.

The solution… get my calorie intake in check… and FAST!

I’m back to normal now (entering Week 4 of lockdown), but have been diligent about not overeating.

(It’s VERY easy to eat during these times… my advice is to cut calorie intake pronto.)

For my mental state, I’ve been tacklin' projects that were on the back burner.

Stuff like organizing my site better, developing some YouTube strategies, and enhancing my skills with the various Adobe products.

I’ve altered my reading habits.

Less news.  

More books.

Watching tv sparingly… just my normal shows.

No Tiger King for me… complete garbage.

I also make sure to get outside a lot.  (I’m writing this post outside on the picnic table.)

One more big rule…

I only check my phone 2 to 3 times per day.

I have a list of people I stay in touch with.

Other than that it’s in the other room.  Too many distractions.

My boy Ben Bloom is the Assistant Defensive Coordinator for the Cleveland Browns.

We talk about how players at all levels need to constantly be coached… even guys in the NFL.

Everyone needs it.

Lacrosse players need it.

I need it.

It takes work on a daily basis.

Stay strong,

Coach Miller

P.S.  I’m curious on what websites you like…  Sites that are very clear and easy to read.  

Email them over por favor.

[email protected]  (I'll respond... if it's of substance.)