My Quest to Dunk

Mar 21, 2020

Hey there,

I’ve talked about dunking before…

...and I want to discuss it some more.

Tyler told me about this podcast called Jacked Athlete.  

The host interviewed Ben Patrick (a.k.a. Knees Over Toes guy.)

(Tyler runs Power Train in Rockville. In normal times, I work there as a part-time trainer.)

I listened to the podcast... had a recap w/ Tyler.   

We concluded that Ben's workouts were solid.


I signed up for the monthly subscription.

I want to dunk.

I’ve always wanted to… (got a LONG way to go!!)

I went through this process a couple years ago after stumbling across the book, Jump Attack.  

The author of that book was Jordan's trainer back in his playin' days...

So I have some experience.

Anyway, Ben's crew suggested I start with the Vertical Jump Base program.

It's a 6-day per week program... and it goes for over 3 months.

No joke.

I've been doing it for a month now.

It’s pretty cool…

You submit videos to an app, then Ben’s crew responds with detailed comments.  

Ben is big on a few core exercises.

(I’ll explain in detail in future emails.)  

Filming this stuff is a pain.  You gotta have endurance and creativity to consistently pull it off…

But if you do it, you’ll begin to establish a great thread of coaching that’ll help you perform the exercises better.

I’m feelin’ stuff in my legs that I never felt before.

Ben’s big on strengthening the hip flexors.

I realized mine were pathetically weak…

They're slowly improving.

Anyway, seeing that I had unlimited time, this was yesterday's workout (see 3/20 stuff…)

I shoveled some holes instead of running.

I'm lucky to have access to a home gym.

(I’ll begin talkin’ about some stuff you can do at home in a couple days...)

One thing is for sure… you can get some outdoor work in.

Just find a wall and get some stick work in...