The "Driving Range" For All Sports

Feb 02, 2021

BTB Lax coach Jesse Miller

I’m a big NFL fan and watch every week. 

The Sunday Boston Globe has a Football Notes column.

It's so solid.

This year, the Globe covers the Tampa Bay Bucs a lot because of Tom Brady.

This was in it...

“We take our quarterbacks to what I call the ‘driving range’ every day, and they’re working on fundamentals just like every other position for 20 [to] 30 minutes,” Arians said. “You try new things and see how it feels to you rhythm-wise. This one felt pretty good and he’s worked really hard at it.”

Bruce Arians is the head coach of the Tampa Bay Bucs.

. . .

This Illustrates how Even the Best Players Are Obsessed with the Fundamentals

At Tufts, Coach Daly would have a daily practice session called Mechanics Progression.

It’s partner throwing and catching to practice the fundamentals of stick skills.

Arians has his quarterbacks go to the “driving range” to work on the fundamentals of throwing...

It helps discover sensations that help with execution.

The quote was talkin about a tweak in Brady’s foot positioning when receiving a snap in the shotgun formation.

He made an adjustment after 20 years playing in the NFL.

To the outside eye, shuffling his feet a little may seem small.

It’s not.

And Brady found something that worked, and he implemented it in games.

No athlete is above practicing the fundamentals.

Not even Tom Brady.

. . .

Focusing on the Fundamentals Simplifies Training…

It improves your FOCUS.

Stick skills are a fundamental skill for any lacrosse player.

Coach Starsia stresses the importance for lacrosse players to become great passers. 

Here's my recommendation...

Start doing a “driving range” session for your stick skills.

… then once you tackle that, start adding in more stuff. 

Good luck!