Signing Day - Something to Savior

Feb 03, 2017

And the Beginning of Another Journey...

Football college Division I signing day was this past week. The media coverage is a little over the top… (then again, everything is in today’s media world).

Lacrosse Division I signing day was actually back in November...

But it got me thinking… (so much that I had to write some stuff.)

Gonzaga College High School (where I’ve been coaching the past five years) is located right in heart of Washington D.C.

We have a very successful lacrosse team… thanks to awesome leadership by head coach, Casey O’Neil.

Everything trickles down from there.

The other Gonzaga sports teams are loaded as well...

Check out this pic of the all the committed seniors.

35 Gonzaga Class of 2017 Seniors Are Committed to Play College Sports.

Just short of 40 kids.

That’s insane!

Gonzaga alums are scattered across the country playing on all sorts of college rosters.

Remember the winning shot for Villanova last year over North Carolina in the men’s basketball national championship??

Kris Jenkins hit that shot.

He played high school ball at Gonzaga.

For lacrosse, we have 10 seniors.

6 of them are committed.

1 is still making his decision.

The other three haven’t decided whether they want to play college lacrosse yet (they’re 100% capable of playing by the way.)

Here are the current committed seniors…

6 Gonzaga Lacrosse Class of 2017 Seniors Are Committed to Play.

They’re committed to Ohio Wesleyn, Furman, Colby, Virginia, Marquette, and Penn State.

Now, I want you to imagine something…

It’s your senior year in high school. November’ish…

You just signed your National Letter of intent, and you put on the hat of your college destination. (The National Letter of Intent is explained in the Lacrosse Recruitment Roadmap.)

That smile flashes wide across your face.

Then everything flashes back. All the prior years of playing, working, and just grinding to get to that point.

And remember all the help you got along the way??

Your parents, coaches, and teachers… they all played a part.

There were all the visits to different schools, the summer circuits (circus some would say), the practices, the list goes on and on.

Developing that initial list -Then whittling it down.

Waiting for offers.

All while keeping your grades organized, working out, and being a respectful kid.

You remember the ups and downs?

But you also remember how you kept fighting… cuz you wanted to play college lacrosse.

Signing your name on that dotted line was a culmination of everything up to that point.  Savior it!

It’s time to enjoy the moment.

It’s a major, major accomplishment in your life.

But, it really just marks the beginning of a new journey.

A journey that will start immediately after you finish your senior year.

But before that starts, you still have your senior year left.

Your last year to make your mark with all the other seniors…

And you want to crush that.

(You can’t really appreciate it now, but this is the last time you’ll be spending this much time with those group of guys.)

Yeah, you’ll see them over the summers and random breaks.

But it’ll never be like this…

So you want to go out with a splash… before that next journey.

Then you’ll graduate…

Where you’ll bond with a brand new group of guys. A new staff.

The grind will continue.

I’m back.

We start our Gonzaga season in two weeks.

Our message to the seniors...

Let’s crush this season (the current journey).

and then your next journey will begin.