REVEALED:  The Nuanced Guide to Get Recruited to Play College Lacrosse

Take the Guesswork Out of the Overly Complicated Process, and Let 4 Former College Coaches Tell You the Exact Steps Required to Get Yourself Recruited!


The Recruitment Roadmap is a behind-the-scenes reveal of all the components involved in playing college lacrosse.  Once you understand the process of how it all works, you'll be able to take the correct steps to play Division 1, Division 2, or Division 3 lacrosse.

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Get the breakdown of all the pressing recruiting topics specific to each Division.

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All the information from each coach is distilled down into a step-by-step plan that is simple to follow.

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 Here's a sneak peak of what you can expect...

βœ… The #1 thing that every college coach looks at first before anything else

βœ…How to get exposure from college coaches if you don't live in a traditional lacrosse hot bed.

βœ… All of the HD video content is viewable on desktop computers, laptops, phones, and tablets. You can watch anywhere, anytime, on your own schedule.

βœ… Truthful advice on what camps and tournaments to attend during the summer and fall

βœ… The most efficient method to communicate with college coaches to ensure that you get answers to your burning questions

βœ… The complete list of everything you need to provide to college coaches to ensure time and prevent the round about exchange that often annoys college coaches

βœ… The true beliefs of college coaches about high school kids playing multiple sports.

βœ… The differences between the types of "commitments" and how to manage the nuances once you get to that point

βœ… Encouraging wisdom for Late-Bloomers... and what to do if your starting the process on the later side

βœ… Pinpoint advice on what you CANNOT afford to dismiss in the entire process

βœ… The entire timeline when each step needs to be complete to ensure a seamless process

βœ… The reasons why playing college lacrosse is so special and what it's like to be a college athlete

Hear What People Have to Say...

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Kevin T

The Recruitment Roadmap has been a great resource for our family to gain insight about the lacrosse recruiting process. The Roadmap and other materials from Coach Miller have provided helpful insight to our son, which has helped him to assess which schools are a good fit for him as a student-athlete and how to engage the recruiting process in a productive way. 

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Ben P

The Roadmap has been instrumental in keeping me organized with my communications with college coaches. With multiple D1, D2 and D3 schools interested in my lacrosse ability I have verbally committed to play for Coach Berkman at Salisbury University and looking forward to playing for the Gulls! I also use the BTB LX+ (another BTB product) to keep me focused with developing my skills.

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Tom M

The Lacrosse Recruitment Roadmap  will give you all the key information that you need to chart your sons college lacrosse recruiting path. Whether it is D-1, D-2, or D-3, this in-depth roadmap will give you step by step directions on everything surrounding lacrosse recruiting from start to finish. It goes as far as proper emails to coaches and what to say and not to say when you talk to them. You hear first hand from college coaches at all levels on what they look for in a player, which was huge for us. While this is not a guarantee you will get recruited, it takes a lot of the guessing and uncertainty out of the equation.  More importantly, it can save you time and a LOT of money. I would highly recommend this to anybody in pursuit of their son's goal of playing college lacrosse, especially if you do not live in a lacrosse hotbed. My son is committed to Denison and I strongly believe that this roadmap had a lot to do with it.

Coach Matt Kerwick:  Division 1 Secrets

Coach Kerwick has been the head coach of 3 different Division 1 programs... Cornell, Jacksonville, and Hobart.  He was also the Director of Lacrosse at IMG Academy in Brandenton, Florida.

He started his college coaching career back in 1990, so has been through the recruiting process thousands of times.  Coach Kerwick's Division 1 Secrets focuses on college lacrosse recruiting and how it applies to the Division 1 level.  

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Coach Scotty Urick:  Division II Secrets

Coach Urick will walk you through the nuances of Division II recruiting.  He lived in that world for 5 years as he started the University District of Columbia program from scratch.  

There some subtle differences in the Division II recruiting, and Coach Urick will explain them all.


Coach Jim Berkman:  Division III Secrets

If anyone knows the details of Division III recruiting, it's Coach Berkman.  He's been the coach at Salisbury for over 30 years.  

During that time, he's won 11 National Championships and has recruited hundreds of kids who've proceeded to become All-Americans.  What he has to share is PURE GOLD!

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Lacrosse Recruitment Roadmap E-Book

After we spent hours pouring over all of the material we gathered from the coaches, we set out to put it all on paper.

We knew that what people really needed... Really wanted... Was not only the advice of top coaches, but a precise guide that walked them through exactly what they should be doing each semester...

Starting in 8th grade and finishing in the Spring of your senior year...

So that you made absolutely sure you "checked every box" and did everything exactly right.

It's not just the "what" to do, but its the "when" to do it, "where" to do it, and "why" doing things a certain way can really maximize your chances of getting recruited.

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We've had hundreds of incredible student-athletes go through the Recruitment Roadmap. Really, really top notch prospects...

And we've also made friends with a TON of guys along the way in the past 25 years who went on to play in college and beyond. So we figured... Why stop with just our own instruction? Why not get their top tips?

So we sent out an email asking, "What's the single best tip or piece of advice for getting recruited you've ever received? If you could only share ONE piece of advice with a friend, this would be it..."

We got TONS of responses. We went through every one of them, and lifted the top 28. Why 28? Because when you join the Recruitment Roadmap, we're going to send you a top Recruitment Secret - a "golden nugget" of wisdom - every single day of the course, straight to your inbox with no filter. If just one tip made such a huge difference for someone in the recruiting process, wouldn't it be awesome to have access to 28?

We debated whether or not to include this as a bonus, because the material is so good it really should be its own course, priced somewhere around $200. But hey, we figured why not make the this offer even more of a slam dunk? =)

VALUE $47 


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🟑  How to Manage Early Recruiting

🟑  The KEYS to effectively communicate with college coaches

🟑 Strategies for selecting what SUMMER CAMPS to attend

🟑 Secrets to get EXPOSURE if you're below the radar

🟑 A Timeline to Navigate NCAA Rules

🟑 Advice to Ease the ANXIETY of the overall process

🟑 An overview of how CLUB teams play a role 



The Recruitment Roadmap Comes with a 365-day Money Back Guarantee

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Because I understand if you still have doubts…

I know how frustrating lacrosse can be. Maybe you’ve even been let down by other instructional clinics or travel teams in the past.

And that’s why I’ve decided to make this offer a complete no-brainer by removing ALL of the risk with our “bullet proof” 365-day money-back guarantee.

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