Scrimmages Over

Feb 21, 2020

BTB Lax coach Jesse Miller

Hey there,

Our season started on February 20th.

February is already in the past…

Poof.  Gone.

It’s now March.

Our 3 scrimmages are complete.  

The final one was yesterday at Calvert Hall.

Calvert Hall moves the ball lightning fast… and they had several multi-goal runs.

We experienced our first case of adversity… (as a team and a coaching staff.)

It’s hard to find the right coaching words when nothing seems to be going well…

But it comes back to what I’ve been writing about for years now…

You gotta live in the moment.

What’s already happened is in the past.

Make some adjustments, and get the ball back. 

Communicate to the players to not act out in frustration… (i.e. don’t do anything stupid to compound the situation.)

Lick our wounds, go home, and get back to work.

Review the film to fix chronic mistakes.

Use practice to reinforce the “fixes” so that we’re prepared for Saturday… (our opening game at McDonogh.)

I find lacrosse very unique in that it’s hard to tell what players excel based on their physical appearance.

(This same phenomenon holds true with the club league tennis I play.  At my level, I can’t peg a player based on his physical attributes.)

When we shook hands yesterday at game’s end, the collection of players looked similar to our guys.

They’re weren’t any giants or robots.

Hence the opportunity for any aspiring lacrosse player to elevate their skills through practice and hard work.

Speed is a major factor.

But there are proven ways to get faster.  The secret is to find out how… then do the work!

I started a Vertical Jump program a couple weeks ago.  

My goal is to dramatically increase my vertical jump.  

My ultimate goal is to dunk… highly unlikely.

But I wanted to document my journey, so decided to start today.

My vertical jump (according to Tyler’s jump mat) is the 20 inches.

What’s your goal?

Talk soon,

Coach Miller