Convincing Your Players to Love the Moment

Mar 01, 2020

BTB Lax coach Jesse Miller

I met Coach Starsia at Billy Glading’s wedding several years ago…

As you might guess, we started talkin’ lacrosse…

That guy LOVES the game!

Anyway, Coach offered to come visit Gonzaga to spend time with our team.

We jumped all over it, and now it’s a regular event.

This was several years ago... (right after he retired from a 42 year college coaching career.)

He started writing a lot.

His stuff is pure gold...

… and the good news is that he just published his first book.

I bought my copy last week have a third left.


I’m gonna write a more in-depth review soon, but need to highlight something now.

It’s kinda geared to coaches (but has an element for players as well…)

Absorb this quote for a sec…

I am not giving any one of you good news when I tell you that all your peers are working… hard, diligent in their pursuit of the keys to success.  I tell athletes all the time that working hard is not enough, and the same goes for coaches. Concerning yourself with the certainty that you are watching more film than your peers, producing longer scouting reports, spending more time on the practice field, etc. would actually take time away from the fundamental development of an understanding of what coaches do for a living… “we are in a people business.”

Speaking a bit more to coaches…

You need to radiate that you to your athletes.  You can’t force it, players can smell inauthenticicity but, if you have an easy, genuine smile, your players will take it as a cue that they can relax and enjoy the task.  Players will learn better with a smile on their face, they will have an open mind

One last bit…

With all the daily pressures, it is still simply convincing your players to love the moment.

Just wanted to take some time to share some of this with ya this weekend.

Have a great Saturday.

As Coach Starsia would say… Enjoy the moment!