FREE video training series from former MLL All-Star

Discover the "Simple Steps" to Improve Your Off-Hand and Off-Ball Play...


Video 1: Two Simple Steps to Becoming and Elite Player

By far the biggest problems youth and high school players struggle with are Off-hand and Off-ball play.  Free Video #1 summarizes this fact.

Video 2: Solving the Problems of Stronghand Sam

Focusing on these two areas of YOUR game first will result in the fastest improvement in a short amount of time.

Video 3: Solving the Problems of Statue Steve

Allow one of the best middies of the past decade share his secrets to both woes in this FREE lacrosse training series.

Video 4: Split Separation & More

See how Split Separation led to something even bigger.  And it's something that you can put to use if you're looking to take your game to the next level.


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