Here's Why the BTB Players Will Elevate Your Game to the Next Level...

It's Like Having a "Digital College Coach Inside Your Pocket"


Lacrosse Players Are Using this "Secret Weapon" to Elevate Their Play

  • "The BTB Players Manual" - 6 videos totaling 8 hours of lacrosse instruction, INCLUDING:
  • Step-by-step Instructions on how to ensure ... YOU have maximum CONFIDENCE with your stick skills.
  • A Hidden Tip ... on how to pass with pinpoint accuracy that you can put to use right away.
  • How to Handle Those BAD Passes ... so everything continues to flow smoothly
  • The Secret to Build More ... wrist and forearm strength, two keys to develop great stick skills.

See What These Guys Have to Say...

2 Guys Went on to Play Division 1 Lacrosse!

"I want to tell you about something in the lacrosse world that really helped me while I was going through my career. I graduated from the University of Denver and was able to be part of some really great teams - one that won a National Championship... But I didn't start playing the game till I was in 8th grade. However, I was able to make the varsity as a freshman in high school after only playing for a year because of the BTB Players Manual. I was searching online for anything that could help me and I happened to come across it. I bought it and really enjoyed everything it gave me. I learned a ton from Coach Miller and I highly recommend it."

Max Planning
University of Denver

"The BTB Players Manual is far and away the best internet coaching aid I've found for youth lacrosse. I did a lot of searching for lacrosse coaching help and the BTB Players Manual is the best thing I've found. Coach Miller really knows what he's talking about and does a great job explaining stuff to the kids. And the professionals that he got really know what they're doing and are names I definitely recognize. I highly recommend the BTB Players Manual "

Tim Monohan
Lacrosse Dad

"I learned a lot under Coach Miller and the BTB Players Manual. He's a great guy and great coach. The fundamentals he taught me helped me play at the highest level of high school lacrosse. "

Kevin Thompson
Former High School Player

You're Also Gonna Get This...

  • Tips to exaggerate your follow-through ... to create great rotation and rhythm, which results in laser sharp passes.
  • How to Pass with ... consistent accuracy immediately after you dodge.
  • A Simple Key to Develop a Super Quick Release ... especially for those scenarios when you're in a confined space with the defense swarming around you.
  • Step-by-Step instructions on how to shoot ... 10 MPH faster.
  • A secret tip on how to create separation ... with your defender when shooting on the run.
  • How to develop a Quick Release ... without sacrificing velocity and how to ensure good body rotation by using a simple trick when shooting with time and room.
  • The SECRET to generating ... more velocity and accuracy when shooting on the run.
  • How to increase shot accuracy ... when shooting on the run by specifically targeting a designated spot on the cage.
  • Two Absolute Keys ... to always ensure that you finish shots when you're on the doorstep of the goal.
  • How to always finish ... when cutting and catching a pass in traffic.
  • Step-by-step instructions ... on how to get to the Money Spot, and more importantly, how to position your body to gain the most possible leverage over the defender.
  • A hidden tip ... on how to increase your odds of scoring by using an explosive and ultra-specific quick hitting move.
  • How To Move so that ... you get right on TOP of the goal giving you a lay-up opportunity time and time again.
  • A Progression from X ... you can us to fake the defense and keep them constantly guessing.
  • A Great Tipto free your hands ... for a shot following multiple change of direction moves behind the net.
  • Different dodging options ... that increase your change of direction speed from X...

I'm Including These Bonuses... Completely FREE!


  • Attackmen & Middies ... Learn how to get split separation and get a step on the defender.
  • Defensemen ... Learn the cues to look for - and the moves to STOP - offensive guys from separating away from you.

Learning How to Dodge (and Defend) from Up Top is just the Start... The 1-on-1 Battle from above the cage never goes unnoticed... If he wins, an offensive player can get past his defender and score, or (at the minimum) cause a slide to occur.

You'll often hear coaches yell, "Get the defense rotating!" Once a defense rotates, then potential holes can be attacked, and that creates scoring opportunities.

A defensive player is trying to hold his ground so as not to give up an easy shot or require help (in the form of a slide)...

What most young players don't realize is that to win those battles from up top, you need to be moving the correct way. It's determined by your FEET!

So in this video, you'll see firsthand how the BTB Pros drill both their dodging (and defending) from up top - while focusing on their footwork - so that you can start to see why it looks so natural to them.

VALUE: $69.95


In order to Split Separate effectively for the entire game, you've gotta be well conditioned.

Every extra step you can take... Every extra pound of force you can put into the ground, allows you to change direction faster and more powerfully and create more space...

And let me tell ya, it's much easier to stay in shape, than it is to get in shape...

This Bonus will get you in shape and keep you there... so that you can create space over you opponent the entire game.

I went out and pulled in one of the top conditioning coaches in the country (he's trained the Washington Redskins and Georgetown Hoyas) to walk you through everything you need to know.

And this isn't generic advice - as you can see, it's lacrosse-specific speed and strength training designed to make you faster and stronger on the field.

VALUE: $69.95


This might be one of the coolest bonuses we've ever put together...

We've had THOUSANDS of incredible athletes - from high school players to pros - go through the BTB Player's Manual. Really, really top notch guys.

So we figured... Why stop with just our own instruction? Why not get their top tips?

So we sent out an email asking, "What's the single best tip or piece of advice you've ever received? If you could only share ONE piece of advice with a friend, this would be it..."

We got TONS of responses. We went through every one of them, and lifted the top 28. Why 28? Because when you join the BTB Players Manual, we're going to send you a top Alumni Secret - a "golden nugget" of lacrosse wisdom - every single day of the course, straight to your inbox with no filter. If just one tip made such a huge difference in someone's game, wouldn't it be awesome to have access to 28?

We debated whether or not to include this as a bonus, because the material is so good it really should be its own course, priced somewhere around $200. But hey, we figured why not make the this offer even more of a slam dunk? =)

VALUE: $69.95


The BTB Players Manual Comes With a 365-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Here’s the deal: I’ve seen this work wonders for everyone I’ve taught it to, and I’m completely confident it will transform your game too, if you just give it an honest try.

In fact I’m willing to GUARANTEE your results.

Because I understand if you still have doubts…

I know how frustrating lacrosse can be. Maybe you’ve even been let down by other instructional clinics or travel teams in the past.

And that’s why I’ve decided to make this offer a complete no-brainer by removing ALL of the risk with our “bullet proof” 365-day money-back guarantee.


Here's How It Works...

Pick up your copy of The BTB Players Manual today. Watch the videos, try out the drills, and put it to the test for yourself.

If you aren’t blown away by your newfound improvement…

Or if you simply aren’t satisfied for any reason or NO reason at all…

Simply let me know (you can shoot a one-line email to [email protected] or ping me on Facebook Messenger) and I personally guarantee you a full and prompt refund of every penny of the purchase price. No questions asked, no hurdles or hoops to jump through.

And you have a full 365 days to decide.

In other words, you don’t have to take my word for it… you have a full year to try it out for yourself.

The bottom line is this: at the end of the day it’s all about results… And if The BTB Players Manual doesn’t get YOU the results you want in your game?

Well, then quite frankly I don’t deserve your hard-earned money. It’s as simple as that.

This Program is a STEAL at $67...

That’s way less than you’re paying for a summer camp.  

Heck, it’s even cheaper than most weekend clinics...

And you couldn’t even get 45 minutes of coaching from a top level lacrosse pro for that little…

And let’s be honest, for the players who are really serious about improving, you need to revisit material time and time again.  That's hard to do with one time lesson.

All you have to do to take advantage of this amazing deal is go ahead and click the button below. In just a matter of minutes you will have lifetime access to the complete BTB Players Manual, for the incredible bargain price of just $67.

So don’t delay, click the button below right now, fill out the secure order form on the next page, and in just minutes you will have complete access!

Can You Really Improve Just By Watching Video?

Now you might be wondering, "Can I really improve at lacrosse by watching videos?"

And it's a great question.

Here's the thing.  I've been coaching lacrosse now for almost 15 years... and so I know first-hand the value of live coaching.

I thought long and hard about releasing this program "into the wild."  As a coach, nothing is more important than my reputation.  That's why before I put my seal of approval on it, I wanted to make sure this program not only teaches you teaches all the stuff you need, but actually produces real, measurable improvements in your game - quickly and easily.

And so I've put together an amazing bonus package, designed to supplement all the great stuff you'll get in the core program.

And here's the best part... I'm including these bonus videos - all 2+ hours of stuff - completely free of charge when you join today!

Now I wish I could put this program out on the web for free…

But the videos that you’re about to get access to were filmed using high-end camera equipment and required a professional film crew to film, direct, and edit. It took 6 months of work and cost a small fortune to produce.

On top of that there’s the ongoing cost of maintaining the website and running the business.

So while I can’t give it away for free, I promise I’m going to make it affordable for everyone. Sound fair?

OK, good.

But first I want to ask you a question…

How much would it be worth to step out onto the field in just a few short weeks with a completely transformed lacrosse game?

To finally have the confidence to go after the ball and make more plays...

Seriously, how much would it be worth?

$500…? $750…? Even more?

It’s hard to put a number on that, but I it would certainly be a lot if we’re being honest…

A single lesson with the professionals in these videos costs over $100... 

But you’re not going to pay that amount...

Thanks to the magic of the internet, I can get this information out to you in a much more cost effective way… Which is why I was so excited to create this program.

So we crunched the numbers and talked to the accountant who recommended we offer this program for $127. And with the amount of value you’re going to get out of this, it would be worth every bit of that and more…

But we’ve got any even BETTER deal just for you…

You see, the whole reason I created an online program in the first place was to reach as many lacrosse players as possible... and so it was important to me to set the price at a level within reach of everyone

And so I fought the accountants tooth and nail to offer The BTB Players Manual at the absolutely lowest possible price possible.

So here’s the deal:

When you sign up today, you can grab your copy of The BTB Players Manual- including the 2 hours of bonus video - for the incredible bargain price of just $67.

So go ahead and click the button below right now and you can get life-time access to the entire program at the special discounted rate of just $67. 

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