There's 8 "Little Things" That Will Transform Your Lacrosse Game Practically Overnight...


This is What You'll Get with Little Things That'll Make You a Big Time Player...

  • How to V-Cut and position yourself so you can catch a pass without getting checked. This will create separation from your defender and it'll allow you to control the ball and focus on your next move.
  • How to V-Cut and pop in and out to throw a crisp pass. This will (again) give you the space necessary to pass or shoot the ball without getting checked.
  • The best (BUT SIMPLEST) check in lacrosse! You'll be shocked and amazed once you hear it...and you'll love how effective it is!
  • All the most important concepts of sliding defense. This will help you play better team defense and really show your coaches your lacrosse IQ. Even attackmen should learn this... you never know when you'll get stuck on defense or switch, you always want to know what your opponent is trying to do.
  • What to do with the ball after you pick it up. This is going to sound obvious, but it's so often overlooked.
  • The best shot fake move that you can use to "juke" your defender and get around him for a closer shot on goal. It's the equivalent to a pump fake in basketball. Shooters are going to want to start using this move right away!
  • A great shooting drill to do from the Money Spot to improve accuracy and velocity.
  • Another great (secret) drill you can do to ensure you have the proper shooting technique.
  • Tons of other nuances of the game that will make your lacrosse IQ skyrocket.

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