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I play defense and have strong right hand. Going into high school I literally could not throw a pass with my left hand. It was pathetic. My high school coach told me I would never make varsity if I didn't fix it. I came across Offhand Ninja on YouTube. I literally started it the day I saw it and never looked back. I made the varsity and now play at Tufts.

Kyle N

I had zero confidence in offhand until went through Offhand Ninja. It didn't take long. My problem was having something specific to do that would make my weak hand better. Once I had it, I just watched it and went to my backyard to do it. It worked really well.

Hank M (Div 1 lax player)

I'm a lefty and hated going to my right. To the point where opposing defenses knew that and completely shut off my left hand. It became ridiculous cuz I was just too stubborn to fix my right hand. Finally, it became too much and I did something about. Off-Hand Ninja helped me develop my right hand. It was super easy... I just followed it 5 times per week. Literally a month later, I was a transformed player.

Timmy M (former Div 1 lax player)