TRANSFORM Your Lacrosse Off-Hand

Simply By Following a Concise Program Designed Skyrocket Your Confidence with your Weak Hand


Off-Hand Ninja is an online video training that is designed to elevate your lacrosse stick skills...  It shows you the 15 secrets to ensure that you gain massive confidence in your off-hand.

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Easy access at any time or place. Lifetime membership.

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Get the breakdown of all the steps required to elevate your weak hand.

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A former Johns Hopkins All-American will walk you through the entire process showing EXACTLY how to do each drill.

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 Here's a sneak peak of what you can expect...

βœ… The Steps needed to ensure you have maximum confidence with your Off-Hand.

βœ… A hidden tip on how to get the "feel" when holding the stick in your Off-Hand.

βœ… All of the HD video content is viewable on desktop computers, laptops, phones, and tablets. You can watch anywhere, anytime, on your own schedule.

βœ… How to develop the coordination needed to catch balls with your Off-Hand

βœ… The secret to position your hands, shoulders, and hips so that you don't get too cramped when trying to throw and catch with your Off-hand.

βœ… How to handle those awkward passes that tons of players often whiff on.

βœ… How to generate more velocity with your Off-Handed shot.

βœ… How to salivate when faced with the proposition of taking a shot on the run with your Off-Hand.


Hear What People Have to Say...

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Timmy M

I'm a lefty and hated going to my right.  To the point where opposing defenses knew that and completely shut off my left hand.  It became ridiculous cuz I was just too stubborn to fix my right hand.  Finally, it became too much and I did something about.  Off-Hand Ninja helped me develop my right hand.  It was super easy... I just followed it 5 times per week.  Literally a month later, I was a transformed player.  

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Hank M

I had zero confidence in offhand until went through Offhand Ninja.  It didn't take long.  My problem was having something specific to do that would make my weak hand better.  Once I had it, I just watched it and went to my backyard to do it.  It worked really well.

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Kyle N

I play defense and have strong right hand.  Going into high school I literally could not throw a pass with my left hand.  It was pathetic.  My high school coach told me I would never make varsity if I didn't fix it.  I came across Offhand Ninja on YouTube.  I literally started it the day I saw it and never looked back.  I made the varsity and now play at Tufts.



Get Maximum Confidence with your Off-Hand

There should be NO FEAR of using your Off-hand. Having the perfect coaching routine will get you there.

Off-Hand Ninja is by far the best routine to show you the correct approach.

We went out and got a former college All-American and Major League Lacrosse star to walk you through it all. Just follow what we show you and you'll be golden!

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The Secret to Position Your Hands, Shoulders, and Hips

This is KEY so you don't get too cramped when trying to throw and catch with your Off-Hand.

Hand positioning is a BIG deal, so you want to make sure it's all correct. Just a minor adjustment can make things feel SOO much better.

How to Generate more VELOCITY with your Off-Hand Shot

Just think how awesome it's gonna be when you can shoot just as hard with your Off-Hand as you do with your Strong Hand...

This isn't some fairy tale either... It can be accomplished if you follow the instruction we show you.

Off-Hand Ninja has 15 separate drills for you to follow step-by-step.

It focuses on pure stick skills first, then dives into shooting with your Off-hand. And this is important whether you play attack, middie, or defense. So get after it right away just by clicking the button below!

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Let's Get Started!

Pick up your copy of Off-Hand Ninja right now and discover the feeling of having complete confidence with your stick skills.

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We've had hundreds of incredible players go through Off-hand Ninja...

We also have close relationships with TONS of college coaches and top high school coaches...

So we sent out an email asking, "What's the single best tip or piece of advice for improving your Off-Hand? If you could only share ONE piece of advice with a friend, this would be it..."

We got TONS of responses. We went through every one of them, and lifted the top 15. Why 15? Because it's the same number of drills inside Off-Hand Ninja. And you're gonna get one emailed to you everyday for 15 days.

This stuff is GOLD!

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🟑  Get every drill name, explanation and reps

🟑  The KEY coaching points to guide you

🟑 Just print it out or save it to your phone! 

Off-Hand Ninja Comes with a 365-day Money Back Guarantee

Here’s the deal: I’ve seen this work wonders for everyone I’ve taught it to, and I’m completely confident it will transform your game too, if you just give it an honest try.

In fact I’m willing to GUARANTEE your results.

Because I understand if you still have doubts…

I know how frustrating lacrosse can be. Maybe you’ve even been let down by other instructional clinics or travel teams in the past.

And that’s why I’ve decided to make this offer a complete no-brainer by removing ALL of the risk with our “bullet proof” 365-day money-back guarantee.

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