Like a Bloodhound Tracking a Strong Scent, Lacrosse Coaches Immediately Can Sniff Out If you Lack this Crucial Skill...

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No matter what team you’re trying to make, most lacrosse tryouts begin with some sort of stick evaluation.

Coaches want to know from the get-go if you can handle the ball or not. That’s the first hurdle, per say…

So if you fail that initial part -- well, you’re basically buried before the real lacrosse even starts.

So, if you’re looking to impress the coach - well, it’s not where you want to be..

Moving on...

Listen up. This is important.

Let’s hope (and I’m assuming) that you feel relatively confident handling the rock with your strong hand.

If not, then you’ve got some work to do...

Whether it’s simple stick lines or some form of full-field stick work, you’re gonna have to put your stick in your off-hand.

And when you do, coaches are gonna be watching.

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret…

When lacrosse coaches are evaluating a tryout,
there’s typically a Number System.


You can be rated anywhere from a 5 (complete stud) to a 1 (don’t stand a chance).

You’re toast if you get rated a “1” or a “2” during stick skills. It’s not that you can’t make plays later in the tryout, that very well may be the case.

It’s just that you’ve made an initial negative impression on the coach so that he’s no longer gonna pay attention to you.

He won’t actively seek you out to see more plays later on in that tryout.

He basically thinks you suck because you can’t handle the ball.

I’ve been to enough evaluations to know that this is how it works.

That includes being able to handle the rock with your off-hand.

Specifically, you need to be able to throw, catch, dodge, shoot, and cradle with your off-hand.

Believe me, I know how awkward it can feel...

Back in middle school, putting the stick in my off-hand just felt weird.

It’s very similar to when I was learning to take a left-handed lay-up in basketball.

It was just so much easier to make it righty.

(At least in lay-up lines.)

Fast forward to games and I was getting blocked all the time when I shot lefty lay-ups righty.

The defender is about two feet closer to the ball.

My hoop coach would scream at me telling me to shoot those lay-ups lefty…

The footwork just felt so weird.

Keeping the stick in your strong hand
makes you much easier to defend..

Stronghand Sam

The defender already knows where you’re trying to go.

He can force you to your off-hand, thus making it almost impossible to make a play

It’s such an easy way to become irrelevant on the lacrosse field.

There’s some good news...

It’s probably one of the easiest things to fix.

I’m not sayingt that you need to shoot the ball over 100 mph or bench press 225 lbs…

All I’m saying is that you need to feel confident using your off-hand.

To point where you don’t ever second guess it out there on the field…

So that you can execute basic plays.

I’m actually gonna make things super easy for you...

I actually talked to Mike Kimmel about this…

I wanted to know how he developed such a strong off-hand.  

I remember coaching against when I was at Georgetown.

Remember, Mike played for Hopkins.

During our team scouting report, we had him listed as a righty/lefty....essentially meaning both his left and right hands were equally strong.  

I got to know him a bit more a couple years after that game...

Come to find out, off-hand play was his #1 focus when he trained as a kid.

How so??  I asked…

You’re not gonna believe this -

He actually developed a 15 minute workout that he’d completed pretty much every day.  He did that for a year straight…

The results were off the charts...

A light went off in my head.

This program is gold.

It obviously works...just look at Mike.

So I got Mike down to Washington D.C. for a day, teamed him up with Coach Rienzo, and we captured this secret program on video.

It’s called Off-Hand Ninja

And here’s how Off-Hand Ninja works…  It’s a down-and-dirty, 15-minute long session with Monster Mike Kimmel that walks you through 13 off-hand-specific drills (yep, 13 drills in 15 minutes!... It’s fast and furious).  

Do this program five times a week for two weeks and you’re gonna see massive results…

Not only is your off-hand gonna improve exponentially, but something amazing is gonna happen…

You’re confidence will skyrocket… And because of that… Every single facet of your game will improve.

From top to bottom you’re gonna be a completely different player.

So here’s the deal…

Mike and I agreed that this training is worth $97. It’s something you’re gonna learn today, but be doing for years down the road.  

But if you order it today, here on this page, we’re going to give it to you at a 50% discount. Why? Because you’re an early adopter. Like I said, we literally just put a bow on this thing and we’re offering you a copy before this goes on sale to the general public - and before we raise the price back up to $97.  

But we’re actually not going to stop there, because we want to do something even better for you.  

But Off-Hand Ninja isn't all you'll get today.
There's also three incredible
FREE *bonuses* included with your order...


Bonus #1 - Off-Hand Ninja Workout Program PDF
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Know exactly what drills to do

No guessing.

No fooling around.

This bonus is a detailed description of each drill so you understand the movements, and you'll know exactly how many reps to do...

Just do what we tell you and your Off-Hand will improve!


Bonus #2 - Bi-Weekly Calendar PDF
(A $9.95 VALUE - Yours FREE Today)

Off-Hand Ninja Calendar

Get organized and stay on top of your training

You'll know exactly what dyas you need to be training your off-hand.

No guesswork at all.

Just follow our plan and you'll see results.


Super Bonus - Off-Hand Ninja Alumni Secrets
(A $107 VALUE - Yours FREE Today)

Super Bonus! Alumni Secrets

We've done a bonus like this for the BTB Players Manual... It was a huge hit... So here's the deal...

We've had HUNDREDS of incredible athletes - from high school players to pros - go through the Off-Hand Ninja... Guys with no drop off from their Strong-Hand to their Off-Hand

So we figured... Why stop with just our own instruction? Why not get their top tips?

So we sent out an email asking, "What's the single best tip or piece of Off-Hand advice you've ever received? If you could only share ONE piece of advice with a friend, this would be it..."

We got TONS of responses. We went through every one of them, and lifted the top 14. Why 14? Because when you join Off-Hand Ninja, we're going to send you a top Off-Hand Ninja Alumni Secret - a "golden nugget" of lacrosse wisdom - every single day of the course, straight to your inbox with no filter. If just one tip made such a huge difference in your Off-Hand, wouldn't it be awesome to have access to 14?

We debated whether or not to include this as a bonus, because the material is so good it really should be its own course, priced somewhere around $100. But hey, we figured why not make the this offer even more of a slam dunk? =)


Our Rock-Solid, Money-Back Guarantee:


Our Guarantee

Now, at BTB, we’ve been teaching lacrosse on the internet for YEARS. We're grateful to have thousands of paying customers.

And from day one, we've always wanted to make sure you don’t feel like you’re risking a single penny when you try out one of our training programs.

And this program is no exception.

So we're going to back "Off-Hand Ninja" with a rock-solid, one-year-long, 100%-money-back guarantee. That’s right, when you pick up your copy today, you have a full YEAR to take it for a test drive. If for any reason in the first year you decide the Off-Hand Ninja is not for you... Or you change your mind... Or you're having a rough day... Or for no reason at all....

You can return the product for a full 100% money back guarantee - no questions asked and no hassles either.

All you need to do is send us an email letting us know - and you'll receive a fast and full refund. And you won't be on our "bad list" or anything like that. We'll still remain friends. And you'll still have the opportunity to enjoy all our other programs - both free and paid.

And if you need help or support with anything along the way? There are no hoops to jump through. You can simply call or email me, and I'll get your issue resolved quickly.


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