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Secret #1

Ensure Maximum Confidence with your Off-Hand

There should be NO FEAR of using your Off-hand. Having the perfect coaching routine will get you there.

Off-Hand Ninja is by far the best routine to show you the correct approach.

We went out and got a former college All-American and Major League Lacrosse star to walk you through it all. Just follow what we show you and you’ll be golden!

Secret #2

How to Position Your Hands, Shoulders, and Hips

This is KEY so you don’t get too cramped when trying to throw and catch with your Off-Hand.

Hand positioning is a BIG deal, so you want to make sure it’s all correct. Just a minor adjustment can make things feel SOO much better.

All of these little details will be covered in Off-Hand Ninja. The program is only 15 minutes long, and you’ll get TONS out of it. Give it a shot for free right now!

Secret #3

How to Generate More VELOCITY with your Off-Hand Shot

Just think how awesome it’s gonna be when you can shoot just as hard with your Off-Hand as you do with your Strong Hand…

This isn’t some fairy tale either… It can be accomplished if you follow the instruction we show you.

Off-Hand Ninja has 15 separate drills for you to follow step-by-step.

It focuses on pure stick skills first, then dives into shooting with your Off-hand. And this is important whether you play attack, middie, or defense. So get after it right away just by clicking the button below!

This is What You’ll Get with Off-hand Ninja…

  • Step-by-Step instructions on how to ensure you have maximum confidence with your Off-Hand.
  • A hidden tip on how to get the “feel” with holding the stick in your Off-Hand.
  • How to develop the coordination needed to catch balls with your Off-Hand
  • The secret to position your hands, shoulders, and hips so that you don’t get too cramped when trying to throw and catch with your Off-hand.
  • How to handle those awkward passes that tons of players often whiff on.
  • How to generate more velocity with your Off-Handed shot.
  • How to salivate when faced with the proposition of taking a shot on the run with your Off-Hand
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