Jack Bogle’s Rules and Lax Connection

Written by Coach Miller

January 26, 2019

Hey there,

Jack Bogle passed away last week.

He was an investor…

One with a STRONG reputation built over many years…  

And after reading about him, I saw a connection to lacrosse.

You see, Bogle had a knack for making complex stuff sound simple.  

On the outside it seemed effortless.

But it wasn’t.

Not even close.

Bogle was doing LOTS of stuff behind the scenes

I stumbled across this…

He would “toil about in the maddening nuance of complexitity” until he found “the jewels of simplicity”…

Then he would share it.

Bogle had a set of rules (I love a good ‘ol set of rules…)

#1 – Stay the Course

This holds true for your lacrosse training…  

Coach Berkman talks about the importance to practice shooting (I’ve talked about this A LOT)…

You gotta throw and catch in the backyard (Jamie Munro and Coach Scott Marr talk about this non-stop in a recent podcast…)



Watch the game and get ideas.

And remember – results won’t happen immediately.

That’s ok.

But stay the course (and have a plan…)

They’ll come eventually…

He had 4 other rules that applied to investing…

  • Beware of the experts
  • Keep Costs Down
  • Don’t Get Emotional
  • Own the entire stock market

But it got me thinkin’… I could list my lacrosse rules.

Here ya go…

Bogle’s top priority was to do the right thing for his people.

He did his homework.

And created an incredible team.

His strong principles guided him…

Talk soon,

Coach Miller

P.S.  Doing the work to ‘Stay the Course’ requires some guidance… whether you’re new to the game or not.

Check out all the different lacrosse training programs I put together.

Keep it simple.

Here’s the link.

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