I Like Plumbers

Written by Coach Miller

February 5, 2019


Sorting through some Globe articles and other stuff, I came across some good bullets and figured I’d share…

“Fifteen penalties in Pittsburgh. You don’t win many games doing that,” Belichick said Sunday night…

Belichick said that after winning the Super Bowl.

He was recollecting on the Pats last defeat…

“I know everyone thinks we suck and, you know, can’t win any games,” Brady said, during the playoffs, after winning a game against the Los Angeles Chargers, and before winning a game against the Kansas City Chiefs to reach the Super Bowl.

The Patriots thumped a Chargers team that had not lost outside of Los Angeles this season.

They went to Kansas City and took down the No. 1 seed (and the No. 1 offense). And in the Super Bowl, they turned the 15-3, high-flying Rams into a discombobulated mess.

“It was the most satisfying year I’ve ever been apart of,” Gronk said. “How we came together, the obstacles we had to overcome, the grind from the beginning of training camp to now, it’s just surreal. We went through life this year.”

On Edleman:  “No one has worked harder in my career to develop his skills and his craft at a position he’d never played,’’ said Belichick.

And lastly…

Edelman joined Belichick in his walk down Memory Lane, telling a story from his rookie season. Edelman was leaving the facility late one night when he coincidentally ran into his coach on the way out. Edelman had observed Belichick watching film while doing a treadmill workout. The two had spoken “maybe three words” during his first six months on the team but the rookie felt compelled to speak up this time.

“Coach, you sure like football, huh?’’ he quipped.

According to Edelman, Belichick’s response was, “Beats being a plumber.’’

The coach had a rebuttal, however. He said Edelman heard him wrong and that his real response was something like it beats working.

“I have a lot of respect for plumbers,’’ Belichick said with a championship grin.

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