Written by Coach Miller

February 12, 2019

Hey there,

If you regularly read my ramblin, then you know I LOVE podcasts.

I listen to a wide variety of ’em…

Here’s the weird part:  It took me several years to dive into Joe Rogan (he’s got the most popular podcast out there by the way.  He puts out A TON of content…)

Joe is a real cool cat.

He’s got 4 jobs (or something close to that)… I respect it and can relate as I have multiple jobs as well…

Havin’ multiple jobs propels your awareness:  the ability to see stuff unfold.

…and that also helps you become a better athlete.

…and helps with mental toughness.

Anyway, Rogan talked with comedian Sebastian Maniscalco the day after the Pats won their 6th Super Bowl.

(Yeah, that Brady special for the Players Manual is ending tomorrow by the way…)

Comedians have a tough job… finding new material and executing the delivery.

That stuff takes LOTS of reps (just like Berkman talks about shooting…)

Deep into the interview Rogan talked about his other boy, Jocko Willink.

Jocko is a former Navy Seal.  He’s got a podcast (I occasionally listen to it.).  He wrote some books…  

His Instagram account is full of pics of his watch.

Mostly showin’ his workout times at 4:30 am.

…then a puddle of sweat.

Every. Single. Day.

True Grit.  

His motto is to earn the sunrise.

Jocko also has this YouTube vid called Good.

If you’re lookin’ for some extra motivation, then go check it out…

But I can summarize it for ya…

You hurt your ankle??


Rehab it.  Watch more film.  Get better in the meantime.

An unexpected problem came up?


You got the opportunity to find the solution.

Your lungs are on fire from running?


Just increasing their capacity.

Rogan revisits this vid every few months…

Keeps his mind level.

Solid motivators are SO important cuz they give you that extra push…

They change the frequency of your brain… (words from Joe.)

To get you fired up.

To go out and accomplish more stuff.

Talk soon,

Coach Miller

P.S.  Speaking of doing more stuff… If you want to be a better lacrosse player the BTB Players Manual will make that happen.

Use the discount code “BRADY” to get an additional 20% off.  Special ends tomorrow.  (After all, Brady and the Pats have probably already started breakin’ down 2018 film to prep for 2019.)

Here’s the link.

I want to motivate YOU to take your game to the next level.

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