Dominate The Middle Of The Lacrosse Field By Becoming The Ulitmate Transitional Player

Coach Joe Bucci (a Division 1 Coach) walks you the through the steps to play transitional offense and lock-down short stick defense that allowed him to star at Georgetown University!

Many Players Don't Realize The Hidden Opportunities To Get More Playing By Focusing On The Glue Work That All Teams Require

Learn the step-by-step process to become the ultimate lacrosse defensive midfielder.


There Are Multiple Ways To Get More Playing Time

Discover the opportunities in the transition game:

  • Discover the complete toolkit to give you the ammunition to make your coach play you more
  • Understand how to go get those plays to be made in the transition game

  • Learn how to develop an aggressive mindset when playing offense
  • Discover the footwork to play shutdown midfield defense
  • Unlock your inner confidence to make more plays all over the filed

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

In Breakthrough Lacrosse, you’ll learn how to find more ways to make scrappy plays all over the lacrosse field. 


Develop A New, Aggressive Mindset When Playing Offense…

  • You're coaches will have to drag you off the field
  • The days of you heading to the substitution box during transition are over
  • Applying pressure on offense puts the defense on edge

The right mindset can make all the difference. Coach Bucci will show you in Breakthrough Lacrosse.


Breakthrough Lacrosse

Are You Ready To Take Control of Your Playing Time?

Breakthrough Lacrosse will teach you to develop a comprehensive lacrosse game. You'll learn how to master the 3 facets of the game to become a dynamic player. You'll learn how to:

  • Establish a Gameplan to play shutdown defense.
  • Find Hidden opportunities in transition.
  • Hunt the ball with a new level of confidence.

With a simple shift in your mindset and some smart practices, you can start focusing on parts of the game that often get overlooked.

Breakthrough Lacrosse Is For You If...

  • You willing to do whatever it takes to get on the lacrosse field
  • You aren’t sure what position you're the best at
  • You don’t have a super ego and need to be the superstar
  • You dream of playing college lacrosse
  • You want to be an invaluable teammate

I'm Mikey Settles

I got Breakthrough Lacrosse my freshman year and it definitely helped me make varsity my sophomore year. I really embrace the mindset of being a "glue" guy. I just try to make plays in the transition game so that my teammates and coaches can trust me.

Playing solid short stick defense and having the ability to handle the ball in transition go a long way. Then not just running off the field on offense has built my confidence. Going through the offensive drills that Coach Bucci shows really helped me develop my offensive game.

"My kid currently plays Division I lacrosse for High Point. I remember watching Coach Bucci play when he was at Georgetown. My kid has adopted the exact mindset that Joe had. It allowed him to get playing time his freshman year in college. The 2-way midfielder is more rare these days with all the specialization. However, there are still some and Breakthrough Lacrosse is all about that!"

- Tom Mudlaff (Lax Dad)

"Breakthrough Lacrosse opened my eyes to the possibility of more opportunities to play on the lacrosse field. Coaches NEED guys that can make plays all over the field. I prided myself on the transition game. This helped me get on the field early in my career at Denver." 

- Max Planning (Former Division I Player at Denver)

"I play at Gonzaga and am going to play at Roanoke next year. I'm on the 2nd line midfield now, but early in my varsity career I primarily played defensive midfield. This got me on the field faster than if I had to wait to play offense. Coach Bucci has some awesome drills. I watched through the whole program and started doing the drills. Simply, it made me a more complete lacrosse player.

- Griffin Dabbs

What's Included In Breakthrough Lacrosse...


6 Cone Defensive Back Drill

Footwork is the basis for any defensive player:

  • How to position your feet to break down effectively
  • How react to the offensive player to not got run by
  • The trick to break down correctly

Master the proper footwork to allow everything else to fall in place.



Defensive Back Drill #2

Taking the 6 Cone Drill to the next level to apply to lacrosse. 

  • Master how to incorporate your stick and feet to dictate offensive movement
  • Learn how to prevent the "roll back" from the offensive player
  • This a good half speed drill to get the hips and feet warmed up

Trailing your offensive player ever so slightly gives you a better chance to prevent a high angled shot


Approaching Offensive Players

When offensive players begin their dodge, it's vital to approach them the right way.

  • Using the concepts of the defensive back drills, you want to apply to them with an offensive player.
  • Master how to match feet with the offensive player
  • Learn how to position your hands to stay on the offensive players hips

Applying pressue on the offensive players hips helps to force them down the alley.


Defending Behind The Cage

The goal is to keep the offensive player behind the goal for the obvious reason that he can't score from there.

  • Master how to funnel offensive players in the right direction from behind the cage
  • How to apply the correct pressure when the offensive player reaches Goal Line Extended (GLE)
  • Learn how to turn the offensive player back to limit high angle shooting opportunities

Taking away the strength of the offensive player is key when they're dodging from behind the cage.


The Moran Drill

Get ready to simulate a live active dodger

  • How to break down properly and force the offensive player down the alley
  • How to build on the footwork and approaches to apply it to game speed
  • Learn how to back peddle effectively when the dodger comes right at you 

The key is to not allow sweeps. Sweeps break down team defense and cause the slide packages to fall apart.


Handling Pressure Groundballs

Now we're building on breaking down and playing defense, to address what to do with the ball after you pick it up.

  • Picking up groundballs is by far the easiest way to get more playing time.
  • Discover how to pick up the ball, and more importantly, what to do immediately after you control it in your stick.
  • Learn how to use your body as a shield to prevent the opponent from checking it out

Rolling away from pressure while leading with your stick and then following with your feet is key! 


Shooting Primer

The 2-way midfielder needs to build upon defensive skills to contribute on the offensive end. Scoring goals is a key component of this...

  • Discover how to warm-up effectively to hit spots on the net to allow your confidence to build up.
  • Learn how to execute the correct fundamentals of shooting in a warm-up to prepare for more intensive offensive drills.
  • Master how to shake off misses to focus on the positives of this drill which is to prime your body for the shooting workout.

Your shooting technique should be about the same with both hands.


3-Way Shooting

The 2-way midfielder needs to be able to shoot the 3 types of shots off a pass. All three of these shots are to be performed quickly as time is often very limited.

Time & Room shooting,

  • Master the correct fundamentals to add more power to the Time & Room shot. Footwork is key here and executing it correctly allows you get more shot speed.
  • Learn how to fake the Time & Room shot to split down the alley to create a shot on the run.
  • Discover how to read the defender's hips to hitch to the middle of the field to give yourself the best angle possible. 

Developing all 3 types of shots is key to sot that they can be quickly executed at speed!


Dodging In Transition

Once you make a stop on defensive and bring the ball over the midline, there are often unsettled situations where you can dodge to get to the cage.

  • Master the dodge in transition to get your strong hand to give yourself the best opportunity to score
  • Learn how to develop a second dodge option when you can't get to your strong hand 
  • Discover how to time your dodge correctly to not get jammed by the defender

Working on your dodge over and over again will help build your confidence to get shots off during games.


Interview with Coach Joe Bucci

Coach Bucci describes his playing development while at Georgetown from a defensive midfielder early in his career to midfielder who never left field by his senior year.

  • Learn how to earn your coach's trust to get more playing time
  • Discover how playing multiple sports allows you to develop your footwork to play defense
  • Discover how Coach Bucci prepared himself to defend some of the best midfielders in the game 

Coach Bucci stresses how to be open to everything when it comes to lacrosse. Don't be afraid of change. Having this mentality will make you more resilient.


Breakthrough Lacrosse

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