Your Fingertips and Yale Lacrosse

Nov 21, 2019

BTB Lax coach Jesse Miller

Hey there,

I was listening to a recent interview with Andy Shay… the head coach at Yale.

(For those that forgot, Yale won the 2018 lacrosse national championship.)

They dominated Albany in the semis…

Then took down Duke in the finals.

Anyway, part of the interview was about offensive player development.

...specifically SHOOTING the lacrosse ball harder.

Today’s lesson is about “Time & Room” shooting…

Lot’s of coaches talk about placement taking priority over power.

Shay disagrees.

So do I.

When developing players rely on placement, they tend “guide” the ball… thus prohibiting the body from achieving flow.  

Shay talked about this...

Think of the very first time you played… you ran down field… went to shoot the ball.

What happened?

The ball probably fell out the back of stick or sailed over the net.

Next time…

You brought your hands closer to your body to GAIN more control.

The ball probably went in… and that’s the worst thing that could’ve happened.

The takeaway??

The closer the stick head is to your center of body, the more control you have.


The further the stick head is from your center of body, the more power you can generate…

So what to do??

You gotta practice with FULL EXTENSION… and shooting as HARD as possible.

And make sure you grip the stick so that your fingers are on the shaft.

This allows you to FEEL the ball with your fingertips.


The more you extend your arms from your body, the more you have to feel the ball with your fingertips…

Otherwise, the ball will just fall out.

It comes down to what your brain trusts.

So you gotta teach your brain that it’s possible to hold the stick with your arms fully extended and the ball as far away as possible…

You do this by FEELING the ball with your fingertips through the shaft.

At Yale, they work on this stuff constantly...

And I guarantee if you do the same, you’ll become a better shooter.

My buddy Scotty Urick talks about this same exact stuff.

Getting that full extension is so key to generate maximum velocity.

In fact, I got Scotty out on the field to capture it all on film.

I packaged it together into an awesome program called Lax Shooting Mastery.

And you can pick up your copy today at a 50% discount.

Here’s the link.

Go ahead and dive in.  

Start shooting as hard as possible.

Generate that feelin' with your fingertips.

Work on accuracy later.

Talk soon,

Coach Miller