The Referee Was Remorseful

Jul 10, 2019

BTB Lax coach Jesse Miller

Hey there,

Jacksonville was up 10 in last year’s AFC Championship game when Myles Jack forced a fumble and was about to run for a touchdown.

That would have put them up 17…

...but the referee blew the play dead.

Bad call.  

The league office responded that the referee was “remorseful”.

New England came back to win and advance to the Super Bowl.

Tom Coughlin wasn’t (and still isn’t) happy about it.

I’ve talked about Coughlin in the past.

...and plan to more often.

I LOVE the guy’s style.

He’s the Executive Vice President of football operations for the Jaguars…

Bottom line:  He runs the show... (the “vice” in his title is semantics as the owner gave total control to Tom).

Sports Illustrated had an article on Coughlin this week.  

The article mentioned one of his book’s called, “Earn the Right to Win.”

Just bought that bad boy and will report back shortly...

Coughlin is ALL about PREPARATION.

I always knew this.

I have a weekly personal tracking sheet.

On it, I have this quote about Coughlin:  

“Rules and accountability pervaded his life. Over time, his contemporaries say, Coughlin came to view his rules as producing more than just discipline.  They are key to CONSISTENCY, and to Coughlin consistency leads to ROUTINE, and routine leads to PREPAREDNESS, and preparedness leads to PROPER EXECUTION.”

Here’s the thing…

ANYONE can prepare.

It’s not limited to a finite number of people.

Your phone is a distraction.

Turn it off for a couple hours and go train.

Work on your stick skills.  

Spend some time in the weight room.

I GUARANTEE you’ll get more satisfaction from that than any “like” you get on an Insta post.

I made it easy for you…  just follow this program.

Click Here for Your Program.

Some of you already are... keep crushin' it.

New England plays Jacksonville this Sunday.

I’ll be watching.

Talk soon,

Coach Miller