Rings Aren't Free

Sep 27, 2019

Hey there,

High school programs don’t typically give out rings for league titles…

...but the Gonzaga lacrosse program does.

Every player.

Every coach and trainer.

And they aren’t free...

But it happens cuz the program is EXTREMELY organized.

...and having an organized program is more than crafting a good practice plan.

You NEED to have a head coach that handles all the behind-the-scenes necessities - fundraising, hiring a strong (and consistent staff), recruiting

The fundraising allows for this type of stuff to get purchased.

...THEN you throw in all the prep required for out-of-season training.  

There’s SOOO much more to running a successful program than the in-season practices and games.

Most people have no clue what it takes.

I could never be a head coach

I have too many hobbies / other jobs… (Golf being my #1 hobby)

To be a successful head coach at a big-time high school or college program, YOU can’t have too many hobbies.

You gotta be thinking about the team ALL THE TIME.

That’s what Coach O’Neil does at Gonzaga.

No time for tons of golf...

Now, I’ve always said that smart head coaches need to have strong assistants.  

At Gonzaga, we’ve got tons (I include myself in that…)

With all that being said, it’s still pretty cool to swing by campus on an August afternoon and pick up a championship ring.

That’s exactly what I did this past Monday.

The GTTR stands for “Get There Then Rest”... our 2018 motto.

But 2018 ended back in May.

And the work for 2019 has already begun.

Getting the work in NOW is critical…

I encourage lacrosse players to play other sports… so hopefully some of YOU are doing that now.

But you still gotta pick up the stick.

Do an Off-Hand Ninja workout or something.

For those not playing other sports, then why not get after it???

That’s the EXACT reason I put together the BTB Players Manual.  

Pick Up Your Copy Here.

You’ll hear me say this constantly… “it’s a lot easier to stay in shape then get back in shape.”

The program I put together will help organize it all for ya... so you don't fall out of shape.

Get after it.

Talk soon,

Coach Miller