New School Year

Sep 18, 2019

BTB Lax coach Jesse Miller

Hey there,

Time flies by.

Summer is already over and kids are back to school.

Parents have shifted to fall schedules.

...and lacrosse programs are gearing up for the season.

College teams are meeting to set goals and establish the fall schedule.

High school programs are doing the same (just to a lesser extent.)

There’s a balancing act between school, other sports, outside commitments, and lacrosse.

I understand that conflicting demands can be stressful...

But have fun with it all.

And REMEMBER, those who manage their TIME the best will develop faster… in all facets of life.  

The new school year EQUALS new goals.

SO, use this an OPPORTUNITY... 

Best of luck with new school year... and I'm a believer of creating your own luck.

You can count on me to provide motivation so you can REACH your FULL potential.

I’m excited about it.

Hope you are too!

Talk soon,

Coach Miller