Moving the Margins in YOUR Favor

May 22, 2019

BTB Lax coach Jesse Miller

Hey there,

I haven’t watched much of the U.S. Open.

I recently dropped cable…

...and am transitioning to Apple TV.

I have an older model in my bedroom… and am debating to add a 2nd for my other room.

I get ESPN.

But I experience friction signing on…

So need to groove the process more, then I’ll resume watching live sports at home.

I still read lots of sports stuff.

And I recently discovered an AWESOME article about Jon Isner.

(Isner just lost to Rafa Nadal in the Quarters)

Earlier this season, Inser’s confidence was shot.

So his coaches organized a minicamp in Los Angeles.  

The task was to clean up all aspects of his game game… and to put him through numerous repetitions in several categories such as…

...shortening his backswing on certain shots

...sharpening his volleying so that he felt more comfortable coming to net

...focusing on footwork and balance

One of his coaches talked about the analytics of tennis.

Specifically how to move the thin margins more in Isner’s favor.  

The conclusion…

Play the “right” away over an extended period of time.

Preparation required.

YOU can apply this to lacrosse.

Want to move the margins in your favor?

I'll assume you lack a private coaching staff like Isner…

But the information is still out there.

And I'm here to help.

Go through the BTB LX+...

Listen to all the coaching and tips.  Do all the drills. Crush the lifts. Bang out the runs.


Talk soon,

Coach Miller