Jim Berkman has Won 12 Championships… Here’s his Advice

Oct 31, 2019

BTB Lax coach Jesse Miller

Hey there,

A couple years ago, Matt Rienzo, Adam (BTB Lax’s tech guy), my Dad, and I drove out to Salisbury to interview Coach Jim Berkman about the college recruitment process.

Talking to that guy was pure gold.

He’s won 12 Division III National Championships at Salisbury.

I just listened to a Phi-Lacrosse-ophy podcast with Berkman...

In the first 20 minutes alone, there’s a tons of gold for lacrosse players looking to get better.

One of Berkman’s fundamentals is to “Win Today”.

If you’re on the 4th middie line, he doesn’t want to know your plan for getting better over the summer…

...he wants to know what you did today - before practice - to get better.

Berkman’s been coaching at Salisbury for over 30 years, and he’s still got that fire to succeed.

He talks about kids NEEDING a PLAN.

This is what I LOVE the most… and you have to listen to… (you’ll find it around 15 min mark.)

If you don’t have a plan to get better then you’re never gonna get there.


Let that sink in for a sec...

Berkman gave an example of a defenseman on his team now.

It’s a typical Monday and this kid has a PLAN of what do…

In the weight rooms it's chest and triceps.

He’s got his 25 minutes of footwork that includes box jumps and ladder work.

He’ll jump rope for 3 minutes.

He’ll hit the wall and do the Kylor Berkman Wall Ball Routine.

Then he’ll hit the pavement and run 1.5 miles with incorporated sprints between telephone polls.

In total, it’ll be a 2 hour workout.

That’s a Monday.

And that’s one helluva PLAN!

I developed the BTB Players Manual to provide you with a plan.

I eliminated the guesswork…

You just gotta watch the vids and follow the workout calendar.

It’s got 6 days of workouts for ya.

Skill work.  Lifts. Runs.  

The whole thing right there for ya to follow.

So go ahead and pick up your copy.

Click Here to Get Your Copy of the BTB Players Manual.

Ok, that’s it for now.

I still gotta listen to the rest of Berkman’s interview.

There’s SO much stuff in there, so I’ll be sharing more.

Talk soon,

Coach Miller

P.S.  Here's my plan for later today.  Gotta "win the day" like Berkman preaches...

Meet my golf coach (and fix my pull)

Range after.  Then putt.


Interval run on treadmill.

Jump rope - 5 minutes

Abs - Do a P90X Ab Ripper workout

Lift - Shoulders

Then I gotta go to work.