A Little Is Better Than Nothing

May 23, 2019

Hey there,

Some people weren’t too happy about my Monday email diggin’ up the Myles Jack play.

To be clear, I’m a Patriots fan.

That Sports Illustrated article talked about Tom Coughlin’s displeasure with the play being called dead…

...and how if the whistle weren’t blown then Jacksonville would have been up 17 points with just over 10 minutes to play in 4th Qtr.

Jacksonville still got the ball.

New England still had to score.  They did.

That’s sports.

My lacrosse these days is limited to a couple club teams I play on.  

You gotta play to have any chance to keep your skills.  

I don’t care how well conditioned you are.

There’s a skill component and that NEEDS to be polished.

When I don’t play and try to pick up a contested groundball… well.... it’s not good.

It just feels so foreign.

So even at 36, I still play club ball.

If not, I’m gonna forever suck… and that’s not fun.

Sports, in general, take LOTS of maintenance.  

Golf and tennis are my primary sports these days.

Both require CONSTANT maintenance… and it’s best to keep things simple.  Otherwise, it’s too easy to get OVERWHELMED.

So if I have 10 minutes at the club, I’ll serve half a basket.  That’s an extra 30 balls or so…it’s significant.

And that’s Better Than Nothing.  

Everyone has lots of stuff going on...

But if you have 15 minutes, get something in.  

And then when you have more time, go back and do some more.

Just focus on one or two drills from the BTB Players Manual.  

(Like the "Cut to Ball" Drill and the "Finishing From Five" Drill...)

That matters… and it adds up.

Talk soon,

Coach Miller