20 to a 7.6

May 14, 2019

BTB Lax coach Jesse Miller

Hey there,

Most of the time I’m providing examples of scenarios that correlate to lacrosse…  

...to help you improve faster.

Earlier this week I talked a lot about Tom Coughlin and his ‘preparation mindset’.

Today I’m shifting gears (just a tad)...

...and gonna tell you a little about myself.

Today is the first day of our Belle Haven Club Championship… for golf.

(Golf is my favorite sport.  Here's Hole #10 behind me...)

There’s a bunch of different flights… with the Championship Flight hosting the big dogs.

I’m not there yet (probably a couple years away).

But when I joined my club 5 years ago, I was placed in the second to last flight.  My index (similar to a handicap) was hovering around a 20 at the time.

It’s a 7.6 now, and all I want to do it get it lower...

Today I’ll be playing in the Blue Scratch Flight (the flight right below the Big Dogs).  No strokes anywhere. Play from the blue tees.

So I go through a very similar process with golf as I suggest to you with lacrosse.

I have a coach (Chad).

I practice a lot.

I play a lot.

I do golf related drills in the weight room.

I read about golf.

I have calls with folks who study the game.

I play in as many club tournaments as I can.

All this stuff combined helps to make me a better golfer.  

September is probably my biggest month of the year for “my golf season.”

I tee off in a couple hours actually…

...but all my preparation for the 2018 Club Championship is complete.  

The only thing I need to do today VERY simple…



I can’t be worrying about any mechanical swing thoughts today...

Instead, it’s all about visualizing POSITIVE shots… and doing the best I can.

Playin’ in tournaments like these are a blast.  

They bring back that “fire” you have back in college and high school lacrosse games.  

So Good!!!

This is where I’ll stretch before I hit the range today...

I spend lots of time in the gym.

I suggest the same thing for you.

This lacrosse program I put together is the perfect thing for you to follow.

I’ll keep you posted on how my golf.

Talk soon,

Coach Miller