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What exactly is BTB Lax?  BTB Lax is a destination for online lacrosse instruction and articles.  Some of the training is unorthodox, but always very thorough and informative.  The head coach at BTB Lax is Jesse Miller.  He has 14 years of college and high level coaching experience... plus he has connections with some of the top minds in the game.

Meet Coach Miller

Coach Miller played college lacrosse at Tufts University under legendary coach, Mike Daly, and went on to be the Graduate Assistant. Coach Daly is now the head coach at Brown University.

After spending two years under Daly at Tufts, Coach Miller became the Volunteer Coach at Georgetown University under another legendary coach, Dave Urick. Miller spent six years on the Hoya’s staff.

After leaving Georgetown, Coach Miller joined the coaching staff at Gonzaga College High School in Washington D.C. - a perennial top high school team in the country, sending about ten graduates each year to play in college.

In 2012, he decided to take this knowledge of the game to the internet. Instead of reaching only a handful of players in a one-on-one setting, he knew he could use the internet to exponentially expand his reach to those players and coaches who crave the grind of achieving excellence in lacrosse.

Since that time, he has been developing, producing and distributing some of the best lacrosse instructional content available anywhere.

"Preparation on the front end will undoubtedly save time over the long haul. Stick to the fundamentals and prepare your days/weeks in advance. This will ultimately utilize your most valuable resource: time."

Coach Miller

Company Mission

To elevate the lacrosse world by offering results-based instruction, combined with fitness and health tools to players, parents, and coaches.


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